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Alternative to Swype keyboard

September 23rd, 2010

Swiftkey leaves beta and goes mainstream.

Onscreen keyboards are a very important consideration for mobile devices. If you are currently using the stock keyboard that came with your device, you may be missing out on some very useful features.

Alternatives like Swype and ShapeWriter (missing in action) give you the ability to drag your finger across an approximation of a word. the keyboard app would then try to guess what you were trying to input and put up some suggestions. This works for some, but not all.

Swiftkey is a regular type keyboard that is enhanced with a very powerful prediction engine that learns from what you type. This gives it the ability to make suggestions as to what the next word in your sentence may be.


Swiftkey has just left beta testing. (the test version is still available for FREE) The full version is available today for $0.99 in the Android Market. After today Sept. 30th, the price rockets to $3.99

You can also get there from here.

Best Android Image Sharing App

September 20th, 2010

Upload and Share Images instantly.

imgur, the very popular image host, allows you to easily upload images to their site and they automatically provide you with a link to your image. This makes sharing your images via email, forum, website, comments and more, very user friendly.

imgur has recently released the ‘imgur API’ (see imgur blog post) which makes using imgur even easier. This API release has resulted in the creation of at least two Android imgur apps from independent developers.

Imgur Uploader

(by Tim Clark)

The imgur uploader Android app simply allows you to upload an image of your choice (from image gallery) directly to imgur and then provides you a link and sharing options after the upload. It doesn’t get any simpler than this. The entire app comes in at 27kb. One of the smallest 4 star Android apps I have seen! More imgur uploader info can be found at

Get imgur uploader for Android

Imgur Android

(Ben Olive)

Imgur Android offers more features than imgur uploader.

Besides simple uploading of images, you can view a list of images you have uploaded so you can easily share them. The app also keeps track of the delete links so you can remove images later.
You can also view statistics about any image on imgur including number of views, size, and date uploaded.

Get Imgur Android app

Autorun Killer app for Android

September 17th, 2010

Increase Android smartphone performance.

Controlling apps and processes on your smartphone is an important way to maximize your performance and battery life. Most app developers consider their creations to be the most important app on your device and as such, deserves center stage. With tens of thousands of apps to choose from, people typically install many that will do the things that they desire. With each app trying to take center stage, you will run into performance issues like lag and lower battery life. This is where an app such as Autorun Killer and its brother AutoKiller can be beneficial. Developer homepage

Autorun Killer

You can easily choose which apps to keep from starting. Just ‘long press’ on the app (in the Autorun Killer list) to get the following list of options for controlling that app.

The developer says:

There are many applications that automatically start when you turn on your device; many of these you don’t use or need, they just consume your valuable resources. Autorun Killer lets you manage applications that start up when you boot your device. Donate version even tries to prevent their restart (and is ad-free).

Download Autorun Killer

Autokiller comes from the same developer.

Autokiller allows you to control apps in a way that most task managers don’t allow.

From an Android user:

Unlike task killers (which are a no no according to most android ‘experts’) this app manipulates the memory thresholds for different aspects of the phone. It allows memory to be released and apps to be shut down in the background when those thresholds are met.

You can see below, the detailed settings that you can use to control runaway apps.

The developer says:

#ROOT REQUIRED for all features to work

#donate version = no ads, added features
#question/error? check home page/write mail!

AutoKiller is an award winner minfree tweaker, it fine tunes android’s inner memory manager to keep your device fast and lowers battery consumption. Also includes a manual process/service manager.

Download Autokiller

Seesmic for Windows Phone 7

September 16th, 2010

Seesmic for WP7 is getting rave reviews for appearance compared to the iOS version.

from Techcrunch:

While the phone itself launches in October, Seesmic has just posted a preview video of what the Seesmic app will look like on the Windows Phone 7 platform. Seesmic recently launched Seesmic Desktop 2 and hinted that there would be a Windows Phone 7 app coming shortly. The above video highlights some of its features including Dashboard, Search and Spaces.

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