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LaunchKey for Android

October 25th, 2010

Set your search button to launch any app

LaunchKey allows you to set a ‘Long Press’ search key application launch.

When you long press your search key now (default) I get to choose whether I use ‘Voice Search’ or the dialer as the default action. With LaunchKey, I can choose any app from my currently installed apps to be launched with this long press.

Simple settings page:

Choose your App to launch:

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Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer with showtimes near you widget.

October 22nd, 2010

Here is what I think.

Why aren’t movie trailers and showtimes/locations combined into one widget?  …or have I missed something?

Winamp Beta for Android Rocks

October 21st, 2010

Winamp for Android is the best!

Today, when I saw that Winamp had released their beta Android app, I knew that it would be great and that I had to have it. I jumped on the market and discovered that there had only been around 1000 downloads so far. (5000 now)

1.19 mb is quite a bit smaller than I would have thought. I’ve noticed that some big name software developers think they can create huge apps with no repercussions. I think this is lame. Kudos to Winamp for keeping it small and still very functional.

Winamp looks good!

I can add tracks to a playlist …while I’m listening to them…without interruption. Individual tracks and entire albums can be deleted from the SD card, right from the Winamp interface.

Add playlist shortcuts and the widget player to the Android home screen. As well as enable playback control from the lock-screen.

My disappointment with Winamp.

I figured with the release of the Android app, integration with Linux would be available. I guess not. Here is the message that greeted me when I went to download Winamp for Ubuntu.

No matter. I’ll still use the Android app and continue hoping that more companies start to take Linux more seriously.

Get Winamp for Android

Best Free Tetris game for Android

October 18th, 2010

So…today I go looking for a decent Tetris app for my Android phone and I find many to choose from. I start looking through them and it appears to me that at least four of them are nearly identical clones of each other. (Fetris, Motris Droid Tris and Tetrís)

Is there a free, Android Tetris app that I can grab…add some colors and a background to…slap my name on and dump into the market? I mean really…is there nobody out there willing to put a little more effort into creating something worthwhile. If this is what you plan on doing…why bother?

I would download and install the ‘Official Tetris’ from EA Games…but its over 15mb for a Tetris game! Not to mention they want $2.99 for the thing. Of course they have logged between 10,000 and 50,000 downloads…not bad $$$.

This is the ‘Official Tetris’ $2.99

Mytris free

I looked around a bit more and found  MYTRIS. It is a Tetris clone, but it weighs in at only 937kb. and its FREE! MYTRIS currently has 3 3/4 stars with between 5,000 and 10,000 downloads.

Tetris 4000 free

This entry comes in with the smallest footprint at 308kb. With 250,000 downloads and 3 3/4 stars. However, there are some complaints about the control of the blocks.The 3D effect does look cool. There could be some more graphics to define the playing area though.

I chose Mytris as the best FREE Tetris game for Android.

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