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Found my Chrome OS CR-48 notebook

December 22nd, 2010

I think that Google mistakenly shipped ‘MY’ CR-48 (Chrome OS Notebook) to their Google Demo Lab…and promptly destroyed it!


Kind of reminds me of that whole …crashing a perfectly good car into a wall for Safety Testing, when the car I drive is a P.O.S. and I can’t afford a different one thing.

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Periodic Table for Android

December 20th, 2010

Periodic Table Droid

Few things are more important to chemistry than the Periodic Table of Elements. Periodic Table Droid offers easy access to that table with 55 properties for each element.

Feature list

* 118 elements

* Instant search!: Find elements by name, symbol or number. Write just part of element name and you will be redirected to element description. If more than one is found, you’ll be able to choose which one you want.

* You can choose criteria used to set elements background color in the Table (by category, state, crystal structure…)

* You can change which properties to appear directly in the Table. The 4 most-used properties can be shown there.

* Fast-access list of elements. Sort the as you prefer (by name, symbol, atomic number, …)

* 55 properties for each element! Including weight, state, boiling & melting point (°C & °F), electronegativity, crystal structure (image included), electron configuration, electrons per shell, color, discoverer and MUCH more.

* You can copy any property to clipboard to use in another app.

* Reorder properties as you wish, so most used are on top.

* List of isotopes for each element, including isotope, half-life, spin-parity, decay and abundance.

* For even more info, browse Wikipedia article of each element

Read QR code from Android Browser with QR Droid

December 20th, 2010

A solution for QR codes in Android

Have you ever encountered a QR code while reading a website in your Android phone’s browser and been disappointed that you couldn’t scan it to follow the link?

QR Droid solves this problem and adds a whole bunch more features centered around QR coding.

This is a QR processor with these main features:

* Encodes contacts, bookmarks, applications, calendar events and free text
* QR Droid lists your contacts, bookmarks, applications and lets you browse or search them. After you select an item, you can choose exactly what information to encode and/or edit any info without changing anything in your real contact.
* Decodes images saved in your device or from URLs of QR images. It decodes from camera too if Barcode Scanner is present
* It allows you to shorten a long URL before encoding it. If a QR code has less information, more readers will be able to decode it
* Generates and decodes QR images in less than half a second
* Integrates with Browser, Gallery, Contacts, 3rd party file-explorers and more to encode and decode. For example, you can open an image in Browser or Gallery, select “Share” > “Decode with QR Droid”. Or choose a contact, select “Share” > “QR Droid” and choose exactly what info of that contact to encode

Heineken makes an entrance!

December 20th, 2010

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