Catch The Berries…A new game for Android

January 25th, 2011 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

Simply catch the berries by tapping on them to increase your score. This Free game was developed by Nathan Campos while traveling to a vacation spot.

I’ve made this while I was traveling from Brazil(my home) to Aruba(to have fun). I will improve it a lot in some days.

Nathan indicates future improvements.

Future Implementations:
* When not click on the fruit it will reset the score
* Add some background
* Add different fruits
* Add the BOMB!
* Add a share the scoring button(for social networks)

I like to see the beginning of apps, what their improvements might hold and where they ultimately end up as a finished product.

This game is so new that there is no way to lose. The fruits simply appear randomly on the screen and you have to quickly tap them to increase your count. The fruits do not fall or go beyond reach. They simply just disappear and reappear in random spots.
Each successful ‘Catch’ is followed by a short vibration and an increase in your score.

Get the Catch The Berries game.

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