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Have you ever been in a situation where you get a text message that you want to answer with a simple message that lets the other person know that you are still around but temporarily unavailable?

Textsecretary is the answer!

With Textsecretary you can set a custom, auto reply message for situations like meetings or while driving, that will let your contact know that you are not ignoring them.


    Home screen widget for quickly switching between “Away” and “Available”.
    View your current status and applied message in your notification tray.
    Option to automatically silence or vibrate your phone when you are “away”.
    (you can also set it to do nothing)
    Volume options for when you become “available”.
    Toggle Away/Available feature in the Application. (Easier to use widget for quick, on-the-go switching.
    Save messages, and be able to quickly select one for, fast, on the go, message changing.
    Option to enable an Auto Response Timer.
    ( When active, TextSecretary will only reply once every 15 minutes, per person)
    Option to Hide the ongoing Notification.
    Option to add a notification to the sender. When active, ” (TextSecretary Autoresponse) ” is added to the end of your away message.
    Option to add a notification to the sender to let them know that they will not receive another autoresponse for another 15 minutes.
    Saved messages will appear in the spinner, listed by the name you give the message.
    (Example- Name: Driving
    Message: I am currently driving, I will get back to you as soon as possible.
    More features coming soon!

This is app is only $1.99 but I think its well worth the investment.

See it in the Android Market

Find it at AppBrain

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