Droid Code- Chrome extension that adds QR code to Android Market

February 26th, 2011 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

Ever since Google introduced the Android Market online, web links to useful Android apps have sucked!

Any blog writer posting about a great Android app, now has access to the market from their computer. However, the typical app page in the market, only has the page URL as a way to link to the application information. Adding a QR code to your post is a great way to allow readers to access the App you are writing about.

For some reason, Google hasn’t added more ways to share great apps from the online market. Currently your only option is to link to the page URL.

For Chrome users… binoyxj to the rescue

binoyxj is a developer that has created a quite useful Chrome extension called Droid Code. This extension simply adds a QR code to the individual app pages in the Online Android Market.

As a writer, I can now copy and paste that QR code into my posts about Android Apps. This will help my readers to easily access the apps using a simple barcode scanner such as:

Barcode Scanner

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