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Fight Night Champion

February 15th, 2011

This is a video preview of the upcoming Fight Night Champion from EA Sports. This game will be available March 4th 2011

There is a downloadable demo available NOW!!

Download the Fight Night Champion demo on either Xbox LIVE™ or the PLAYSTATION®Network today to experience the true brutality of boxing. Get a feel for the all-new Full Spectrum Control and take your game online as Fight Night Champion presents the first EA SPORTS title in history to include head-to-head online play.
Fight in front of thousands of fans in the famed Boardwalk Hall and battle it out as Heavyweights Iron Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali or go toe-to-to with Welterweights Manny ‘Pacman” Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto.
Get a sneak peek at the all-new story based Champion Mode and prepare to take on the world when the full game hits stores March 1.

Demo live dates are as follows:


North America: Feb 1st at 9pm EST
EU and UK: Feb 2nd at 8pm GMT
Asia: Feb 1st at 1am GMT
UK GAME Exclusive: Jan 30th at 4pm GMT


Gold Users: Feb 1st at 9am EST
Silver Users: Feb 8th at 9am EST
UK GAME Exclusive: Jan 30th at 2pm GMT

Add Custom News to Website

February 13th, 2011

The Niuzer widget allows you to create a custom news topic that will display up to 50 the latest, linked headlines. This widget is fully customizable with title options, text and border color options and widget size options. There are also commenting options built right into the widget. If you create an account with Niuzer, you will be able to engage with others on your specific topics!

When choosing color options, you can either enter a HEX color code or use a color picker to easily choose your various colors. Each change made to the widget will show up in the preview window. You always know exactly what the finished widget will look like. This is a very important feature for customizable widgets.

I have taken a screen capture of the default widget to display here.

Check it out
Here I have created an entirely custom Niuzer widget to display the latest news about Egypt. Notice the color variations, including background and borders.

A word from the Developer

Niuzer is one of the most performant and professional search engine for news and articles from more than 5000 cities in the us and from all around the world. Niuzer is the best solution to find and to read only the news that matters to you, gathered in one complex web application. By using the Niuzer Widget you can easily access this information and have a live news feed on your website.

Get Niuzer widget
If you are interested in adding specific news to your website and want an easy to set up widget,

The Sims Medieval Official Video

February 11th, 2011

Your heroes, your quests and your kingdom! Let Patrick Stewart inspire you in this gameplay trailer showing more of The Sims Medieval.

Official Playstation Phone video

February 7th, 2011

Sony Ericsson Xperia™ PLAY is the Official, long rumored and often denied Playstation phone from Sony. It has actually not been officially announced yet. However, when you put out an official YouTube video promoting it, you might as well call it officially announced!

As you can see by the video and by the thousands of images found on the web, there is a slideout game controller on this phone. Any sort of text entry will undoubtedly be with a virtual, onscreen keyboard. This is okay though. No other phone out there comes with a built in game controller.

Lets just hope that Sony doesn’t abuse their power again by trying to screw the consumer. Remember, your don’t own the hardware that you just purchased…you are just renting it!

Apparently this phone will be officially announced at the MWC in Barcelona on Feb 18th!

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