Titanium Media Sync fixes Dropbox for Android

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Easily select folders on your SD card to automatically sync to Dropbox.

Think about it this way…every time that you take a photo with your Android device, those photos could be automatically backed up to your Dropbox account. This is like an insurance policy for $2.99 that could save you time and effort and possibly a headache or two due to device failure.

You can also transfer folders from your Dropbox account to your SD card, but it’s only a one-time thing, Titanium doesn’t auto sync your remote folders, only the ones on your SD card.


The UI is very easy to use. The left column displays all the directories on your SD card and the right column displays your Dropbox directories. You can just drag and drop directories from one column to the other to sync them. Dragging a directory from the the right column will download that directory to your SD card. Dragging from left to right allows you to set an auto sync feature. Since it only syncs one way, Titanium isn’t constantly on the internet, monitoring for changes and slowing down your phone.


Innovative “setup & forget” sync engine with these features:
• Battery friendly.
• Works on ALL Android devices.
• Will NOT slow down your device when no data changes.
• Will backup your new/modified files (eg: photos, videos) in the background, as soon as possible.
• Adapts to ever-changing connectivity and power conditions.
Supports 2 different sync modes (both are one-way):
• Continuous sync from Local to Remote.
• One-shot sync from Remote to Local.
• Dropbox restricts uploads to 300MB per file: http://www.dropbox.com/help/5

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