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Group Messaging with GroupMe for Android and iPhone

March 13th, 2011

Instead of messaging one person at a time…how about sending that message to multiple contacts at once. GroupMe makes this possible.

Currently the darling startup at SXSW, GroupMe promises to be the new social app for the iOS and Android platform and is currently available in the Android Market.


Group Messaging

Start groups with the people already in your contacts.
Send and receive messages using your data plan, or use SMS if you have a poor connection.
Share photos with your groups inline.

Add your location to any message you send.
See all group members on a map.
Conference Calling

Every group gets a unique phone number.
Any group member can call the number to start an group conference call.

Give GroupMe a go today!



Embed Google Person Finder to help people in Japan

March 11th, 2011

Google has been leading efforts to warn and help people affected by the earthquake in Japan. Earlier today they had placed tsunami warnings on the Google main page.
Subsequently they have updated the information to point to useful tools that will help people searching for friends and relatives that may have been in the affected areas.

Google Person Finder

Google Person Finder is a tool that allows you to input the name or names of people that you are concerned with. You can also put in names of people that you may have information about. Google Person Finder is also very mobile friendly! Spreading it on Twitter would be a very good idea.

This tool is also embeddable. You can easily paste it into your website or blog.


This is a great way to make the tool more accessible and to spread the word about the Google Person Finder. I have embedded the tool below so you can see whats involved.

Best Social News App for Android

March 11th, 2011

My Taptu for Android (and iOS) is a fantastic way to stay connected to all the information you crave. The layout is intuitive, customizable and just plain looks cool.

You have multiple, visual streams that you can consume at a glance. Images, if present, are added to the tiles in the streams. Making this sort of presentation quite a bit more appealing.

When you open a story, you are actually opening the stream. This means that you can advance to the next story without having to go back to the main screen. you can just flick to the left or right to see other stories in the stream!


This just might replace Google Reader on my Android. Yes, it allows me to import my feeds from Google Reader 🙂

Read it Later
There’s even a ‘Read it Later’ bookmark feature. This is an awesome way to queue up stories for when you have more time to deal with all the information.

Clever social news feed reader. Get the latest on your interests in one place.
My Taptu is a clever social news feed reader. You can discover Topics and sources from our StreamStore or add any RSS feed from the web.

Sharing important stories is super simple. Just click on the ‘Share’ button, choose how you want to share and then Share! The sharing is done in the respective app. For example, if you choose to share a story on Twitter, the Android Twitter app is then opened with the link to the story already in the Tweet compose field. Add more info or a note and then Tweet away!

Below is a video that the developer has included on the Android Market page to promote the app. I’m not sure that I would have chosen this as a way to promote a product…but I’m not a marketer either!

Check out My Taptu in the Android Market

Windows Phone 7 Hub Video

March 10th, 2011

Find out how Windows Phone 7 is connecting people to the things they want with Games Hub, Pictures Hub and People Hub.

Gotta love that English accent!

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