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Whats new in Evernote 3.0 for Android

April 19th, 2011

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Get Twitter News Feed Widget

April 19th, 2011

If you want to include in your website, the latest Twitter posts on any topic you can imagine…then the news widget from is exactly what you are looking for.

Widget options

This has got to be one of the easiest widgets to set up! Simply decide what topic you want the widget to display Tweets from. Choose a keyword or phrase or even combine both to fine tune your widget.

Create the widget color by simply clicking in the color box and picking the color that best matches your websites color scheme. You can add HEX code to get the color exactly as you need to match things up if necessary.

Choose the size that fits best in your specific website location. There’s a handy little feature for those of you that don’t know the exact width you need to fill a certain area. (like sidebar) Simply put a tick in the ‘auto width’ option and now the widget will automatically fill the widget of the area that you place it in. You’ll still have to determine the height of the widget on your own though.

Simply click in the code box to highlight all of the code…Right click and copy. Then navigate to your website and paste the code into your HTML template.

Create your own twitter widget now
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Get Twitter News widget

Map yourself with LinkUp GPS

April 14th, 2011

You can use LinkUp GPS Save-Share-Navigate to generate device specific links to help friends navigate to your exact location.

I am going to use this so I can let my wife know where I am in Walmart. The store is so freaking huge that you might get lost in there for days.With LinkUp GPS I’ll be able to message her with a link that maps out my location (electronics) in the store. I wonder how well it will work indoors?

If your friends have Android or IPhones, LinkUp provides device specific links that will allow them to navigate directly to you with with one click from their phone! Say you’re at a soccer, baseball or football game and your friends have seats elsewhere, don’t waste game time and send them a link to let them find you!

Get LinkUp GPS in the Android Market

Post It Note type widget for Android

April 8th, 2011

Memento is a super simple but effective note widget for your Android desktop. You can use Memento to craft up a simple reminder to pick up something from the store. Choose the color and size of the note/widget and decide how transparent it should be (see through) and ‘confirm’ it.

There is a custom color chooser available. Your notes will never be the wrong color again!

I just tweeted my note!

You can even share notes. Simply click the menu button when you are in a note. Share is the only option available and it brings up the standard sharing menu in Android.

Check out Memento in the Android Market

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