First Facebook Tablet App to be for HP TouchPad

June 27th, 2011 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

Everyone that owns a tablet, whether iPad, Android or other will be sorely disappointed when they learn that there are leaked images of a Facebook tablet app for the upcoming HP TouchPad.

Everyone is on Facebook… and just about 7/8 of those people who have tablets, own iPads. They have gotta feel bewildered at the news that Facebook may launch their new tablet app on the HP TouchPad before the iPad. Android owners are used to being second fiddle to the iPad…so no big deal.

There is no doubt that the HP TouchPad is an awesome looking device. Kudos to HP for possibly securing the deal with Facebook for first rights!

Head over to TechCrunch to take a peek at all of the leaked images.

source TechCrunch

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