HoneyGram web app for Android Honeycomb Tablets

June 27th, 2011 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

We are still waiting for an official Instagram app for Android… everyone will have to settle for the next best thing.

HoneyGram…an Instagram web app. This particular web app is made for Android Honeycomb. It takes advantage of the touch screen and gestures to see and share all of your pictures.

There really is no sense waiting for Instagram to come out with an app for Android when they clearly aren’t interested in doing so. If I was to make a guess…maybe they have been tempted by a ‘magic’ Apple and have decided to abandon all thought of a liaison with a little green Android.

All the usual Instagram perks work. Users can see all the popular images on Instagram, images based on location, search tags and put a widget onto your homescreen.

Many more features are unlocked when you log in with your Instagram account. Authenticating allows you to view your images, your friend feed, view other user’s images, follow/unfollow users, view more results for tag searches, and add 3 more types of widgets to your dashboard. (my friends, tag search, my pictures)

Check out HoneyGram in the Android Market

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