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July 12th, 2011 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

Google+ is hot right now. Very hot it seems. So hot that some of the people responsible for TwitterCounter.com decided to create a cool way to track and display Google+ statistics.

socialstatistics.com is born

When I noticed that Google+ might become popular and that I could build a script to get the following and followers numbers I didn’t think about it too long and started hacking away. On Monday morning the lead developer for TwitterCounter joined me and together we built a first version of a top 100 for Google+.

Socialstatistics.com is a super speedy startup that is both tracking Google+’s hottest (Top) 100 and giving you an easy way to display your Google+ stats on your site with a simple embed.

The widget design is simple, yet elegant. Clean lines with no clutter.
Your profile pic is displayed and linked to your socialstatistics.com page. Your ‘Followers’ stat and ‘Friends’ stat are also linked to your socialstatistics.com page. They are kind enough to include a ‘myprofile’ link that actually links to your Google+ profile as well. Also there is a convenient link at the bottom to socialstatistics.com.


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