gglpls widget displays your Google+ posts on your website

August 2nd, 2011 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

There is no doubt that Google+ is hot right now and with all that popularity comes added features created by the community at large. is a Google+ community directory where you can list yourself and find others with similar interests. You can even search users by their country of origin. (I believe this information is added by the person when they list themselves on this site.) has created a simple to use, embeddable widget that will display all of your Google+ posts, your profile image and whatever you have in your Google Profile (under name box thingy). The widget also provides links to each post for convenience.

The widget is completely customizable with size options and HEX color options for ‘shell’, ‘post background’ and ‘scroll bar’.

Once you have your widget set up the way you want, simply copy the widget code and paste it into your website template code.

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