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Sony Ericsson’s first notable venture into the world of Android…the Xperia Play, didn’t fare so well (poor sales?)

Sony Ericsson has now released the Live with Walkman. This is a music focused phone that seems more in line with Sony’s more successful mobile ventures. (cassette Walkman?)


Sony Ericsson has launched a new Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) smartphone it has dubbed the Live with Walkman. The handset differs from previous Walkman branded devices in that in addition to a dedicated quick access music hardware button, it also features deep Facebook integration for sharing and discovering new music. It’s music-centric focus is also evidenced by its tight integration with Sony’s Qriocity subscription music service.
The Live with Walkman centers on a 3.2-inch mineral glass display and is powered by a single-core 1GHz processor matched with 380MB of RAM. A front facing camera is enabled for Skype video calling, while a 5MP AF camera can capture 720p video recording. The device also uses Sony’s xLOUD to enhance audio output.

source: electronista

One has to admit…This is a HOT looking phone!

It’s a nice departure from the depressing world of black and grays currently saturating the smartphone market.

As far as functionality…every Android phone (as far as I know) has that ability to play music. However, there really hasn’t been one that is so music focused like this new Sony Ericsson.
I just hope that Sony has a hit device here and will continue to innovate in this space. There are no real competitors to the iPod any more since the Zune went away 🙁

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