Give your Android a little Apple Flavor with Espier Launcher

October 20th, 2011 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

Espier Launcher is a relatively new Android launcher app that does a very good job of transforming your Android phone into a replica of an iPhone. Appearance is quite stunning and everyone that I show this to, thinks it’s very cool and they want to know how to get it.

Visit the developers website at

I have seen many people comment that this launcher doesn’t support widgets. Duh! Its main goal is to give you an iPhone experience…where you will find NO widgets.

You can even uninstall apps right from the desktop. Simply long press until the icons start to wiggle. Then find the app that you no longer want and touch the ‘X’. You will then see an ‘Uninstall’ confirmation.

I wonder how long before Apple tries to sue the developer of this cool launcher.

Espier Launcher in the Android Market

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