Kindle Fire vs Nook tablet. I’ll show you which one wins.

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AsrTechnica did a wonderful comparison of both of these ‘Media Consumption’ devices and based upon their extensive reviews and the fact that they won’t tell you which is the better device…I’ll tell you which one is the clear winner.

Nook Tablet

Hands down, this is the clear winner. It has a better screen and 512GB more RAM… and don’t forget that little MicroSD slot. These are very important considerations when you are talking about a difference of only $50

The ultimate decision from Ars was to not make a decision for you with this statement…

We’re not going to tally up the marks and declare a winner, because their respective values will vary depending on how you plan to use your device. Feel free to mix and match and decide based on the criteria you value the most. Need a better browser, want to turn book pages without bringing the device to its knees, and looking for superior hardware? A Nook Tablet is for you. Need a constant stream of apps, a good e-mail app, and a thriving content ecosystem? Go with a Kindle Fire. We could discuss the permutations ad infinitum, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide which device is best for your needs.


Amazon has the leg up on E-Readers (Kindle) but Barnes & Noble have more experience with tablets (Nook Color). In the world of Android based tablets… experience is key. The world is currently in the middle of 2nd gen devices (iPad2, Iconia2, Transformer Prime, etc.) Amazon is a year late and about $0.75 short.

source: ArsTechnica I love this site!

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