Devs load early Android 4.0 build on the NOOK Tablet – Liliputing

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Devs load early Android 4.0 build on the NOOK Tablet – Liliputing.

Yes that’s right! You are looking at a Nook Tablet booting I.C.S. Android 4.0x

The Nook Tablet signed boot loader has apparently been cracked and development on porting CM9 (CyanogenMod 9) to the device is underway. 🙂 🙂

from nemith on XDA

So now that we have found the leaking crack in the bootloader and proved it’s usefulness fat-tire and others are going to start work on a couple of key projects that I could use a little help on.

This will also keep conspiracy theorists at bay who call me “extremely low IQ male rooster with social development issues” (Also I have no pies)

Here is how i see the next steps:

Strip down uboot (or other bootloader) and teach it boot from it’s own partition.

For example install 2nduboot in /boot, hijacking the signature check and then setting a 1MB offset to look for the real, unsigned boot.img. Repeat for recovery.

This is the real hold up and why there is nothing to “flash” as of yet. (still no pies)

Finish CWM. 100% done.
Completed. See recovery.img here:….php?t=1440645

Work on CM9 for both SDcard and internal booting

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