Where are the Quad Core Tablets?

March 1st, 2012 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

The top echelon of Android device manufacturers have, so far, given consumers a huge let down this year. MWC2012 All the signs and all the rumors indicate that 2012 is the year of the Quad Core tablets.


Most people think of the Tegra3 as the holy grail of quad core chips and that the Android tablet performance revolution rests in Nvidia’s hands. They are right in this thinking. Nvidia has led the charge in the development of the quad core architecture, starting way back with the Tegra2. The problem that most device manufacturers are having right now is two fold.

Price point and competition.

Competition is easy. Figure out how to remove the blindfold from so many iPad fans eyes and you will have new customers.

Price Point is another matter. With Barnes & Noble and Amazon pricing their tablets in the basement with the hope of making it up on content sales. It makes selling your similar looking device at a profitable price point much harder. There is really only one way to create residual revenue on a tablet sale and that is to create your own affordable, desirable content market. Good Luck!

I would classify this as one of the chief reasons for a lack of updated and upgraded tablets so far this year. I am holding out hope for the often spoke about mystery ASUS 7″ with a Tegra3 and Android 4.0 supposedly out in the second quarter. All this goodness for $249 seems completely impossible from a profit standpoint though.


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