Try to get a Galaxy S3 on Thursday, June 21st

June 18th, 2012 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

This might very well be an exercise in futility.

I plan on heading to my local, ‘Corporate’ Sprint store to acquire a shiny, brand new, Samsung Galaxy S3 on Thursday, June 21st. I have no illusion that they will have any in stock. I just want to be able to say that I tried to accomplish this.

Looking at this device gives me shivers of anticipation. More so than any other phone released to date. The lines…the thinness…the speed and functionality, I can only anticipate right now.


Will they have an excuse? Some reason why I cannot have one. Maybe some reason that they need to charge me more than is reasonable. I have been dealing with Sprint for a few years and I can safely say that they are really no different than any of the other carriers. I understand the need to be profitable…but really?

We’ll see what happens on Thursday.

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