Widgets Lab is a blog dedicated to finding and reviewing widgets of all types. People are always asking “what are widgets?” Well in this case widgets are simply bits of code that you can add to your blog, web site or community profile. (as in MySpace and others) Also widgets can be downloaded to work with a ‘Parent’ application sucha as Mac Dashboard or Yahoo! widgets. You can see another definition for web widgets on Wikipedia/web widget.

We like to find unique and different widgets to write about on a daily basis. There are thousands of widgets out there. Sometimes they are easy to find, other times they are difficult. Widgets are a fantastic way to have others promote your online activities whatever they may be.


  1. Hi Widgets Lab,

    We have a new widget for you! It”s called Magic Touch and it zooms deeply into images. It uses JavaScript and Flash. It’s free to use and there is a paid version without our logo in the corner. Try the demo here: http://www.magictoolbox.com/magictouch/

    We can give you more information for your blog post if you wish.


    Magic Toolbox

  2. Avatar X says:

    @magic toolbox: Noted

  3. Manuel says:

    Thanks for your reviews! I’d like to see something written about the different translation widgets. Is the Google powered tool on your site the one you chose because you found it to be the best?

  4. I liked how it performed better than the ConveyThis widget I was using before. I wrote a short post on it here:

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