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iBegin Share Widget: A great Quick Content Sharing solution that could be better

July 7th, 2008


iBegin Share is a Quick Content Sharing solution just like ShareThis and Add To Any for blog. but unlike those two other solutions these is the fully Open Source version and that also uses the Open Share Icon for Quick Content Sharing that is a direct contender to ShareThis icon.

If the name “iBegin” string a cord of familiarity and you don`t know why is because while they do offer this Widget solution, their business is focused and geared to something completely different that is the Local Business Search for USA and Canada and the selling of Business Listings in both countries.

Right now you can only use a Auto Hosted Version or a WordPress Plugin version of this widget so the appeal of this solution maybe be limited.

As with their competitor you are presented with a Blog Button  in your posts that will activate the Quick Content Sharing Windows.


After clicking it you a presented with four categories:



As with ShareThis it presents you with the Top Bookmarking Sites, Social News Sites and Social Networks,etc. the nature of the Widget also thinks in you extending what is offered and supported.

So changing and adding sites is allowed.



You count with a quick e-mailing form in case you want to share the post with someone in mind right away. i have tested it myself and it works like a charm every time.

My Computer


You can also Generate a PDF or WORD (.doc 2000-2003 common format) from any post with this and i have also tested it with several posts and it worked out great. the PDF`s and the Word documents are not of the utmost quality but for reference or archival purposes they are more than enough. you can also change and route other online solutions if you so desire.



it generated a printable version of your post and it also calls for printing afterward. think of it as the feature you got in E-mail printable version option but for a blog

So there you go. a very easy and feature complete solution. i have successfully hosted a version of the Sand alone version to try out and it worked good while it does ask for way a lot more user proactive involvement with the widget.

The WordPress version is very straightforward and i took me 5 minutes to upload it, activate it, tweak it and start using it in this very blog. so your are welcome to try it out in this very post.


There is a obvious immense room of improvement in the Widget and i wish they would have set up a Project page for it if they were going to slow pace the development of the widget. this kind of widget needs more versions. more in the case of Typad, Movable Type, Live Journal and Blogger. if they were not going to develop versions for those platform, they instead should provide more documentation for someone to do it ,etc.

As i said. there may be a limited appeal to this widget because in real terms in only supports WordPress. thing that does perfectly because it even got stats for within your Dashboard for the iBegin Share Widget.


(this are screenshots with the juicy bits removed from mere minutes after it started working)

That is why i decided to give it a try. If you are in WordPress the plugin is pretty much perfect within its limitations if you don`t extend it. if you decide to extend it yourself it can live up to whatever you have in mind.

And that is the problem. this widget is something i would like to be offered at least in the top five true Blogging Platforms.

I look forward to see how this widget may evolve. and i hope it continues to do so.

iBegin Share Widget

Open Share Icon Project

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ShareThis to add live count indicators, starts with digg.

June 25th, 2008


Not to be outdone by Add To Any with their self adjusting widget update. ShareThis have updated their widget to offer support for more services in the “Post To” section. now you can also see HI5, Friendster, Orkut and Livejournal. but the real jewel of the update is the hint that they will be now supporting live count indicators for Social Bookmarking and Social Content Sharing sites. the fist to be supported is digg. so you will be able to see the times a link has been dugg. this is pretty much alike to what you can see in Feedburner with the FeedFlare indicators.


While these updates are welcome. these widgets are still a long way from the potential they could archive so it is plenty room for them to grow yet.


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Add to Any: now with metrics

March 8th, 2008

It has been a while since i first wrote about Add to Any and not that much has changed since then, it remains simple and generic looking but it does the job. however in a effort to catch up with Share This, they now have finally added metrics to it,


This new  metrics are offered via Google Analytics and these are what they will report if you choose them:

Number of Bookmarks/Shares
Top Bookmarked/Shared Content
Top Services, including:

* Social networks (Facebook, MySpace)
* Bookmark Managers (, Google)
* Feed Readers (My Yahoo, Google Reader, Netvibes, Pageflakes)

Number of Button Rollovers

With this new update Add to Any will remain a viable choice to web publishers that want something simple to offer visitors subscribe and bookmark paths but that also offers some substance.

Add to Any

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Fliva: Q and A with favorites to go along

August 4th, 2007


Fliva is a new widget with a service quite similar as hikkup with the difference that unlike hikkup, fliva don`t focus in allowing questions to you only. the main appeal of the service is allowing you to answer common trait questions about you, about what you like and also receive questions from users in the fliva service.

the extra is that people can show how much they like your taste by adding points in the widget.

The fliva site provides you with one of the most straight forward install experiences you could ask, easy to navigate and easy to use. you create the widget in less than five minutes and you are good to go, the widget comes in flash and they offer “post directly” buttons for 10 networks and of course the code for you to integrate, given it is flash, you can pretty much put it everywhere.

The idea behind it is to allow quick personality impressions, and given how good executed the widget is, it is simple to like and use, the only complaint i got with it is that it don`t offer a sidebar version of the widget,so it is more of a post, footer and social network widget for now.

But given the form and the way it is set, i think it would not be strange that fliva could expand and offer polls or something else soon.


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