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The ICS desktop for Windows |

January 19th, 2012

The ICS desktop for Windows |

This is pretty cool!

With a few tools (programs/tweaks) you can modify your Windows 7 desktop to resemble the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) homescreen/desktop.

If you have ICS on your phone or tablet, chances are, you love it. If not, chances are, you want it. In either case here’s something we can all appreciate. Flickr user David Molina set out to bring the beauty of Android Ice Cream Sandwich to his desktop, and with a little tweaking and the right tools, he definitely succeeded.

click the link above to see the list of tools that you will need.

How to ROOT the Nook Tablet

November 22nd, 2011

Source: Indirect (username of the Dev of this method)

These instructions have been tried and refined numerous times. Always double check your work and that of the source of these instructions at XDA Forums.

Instructions to use!

(geared towards Microsoft Windows)

1. Download the “usbdrivers” zip
2. Download the “Nook&”
3. Extract both to a folder C:\ntroot\ (example directory)
4. Now you should see the following files and folders inside c:\ntroot:


5. Run “runmefirst.bat” and follow the instructions.

6a. When the batch file opens the device manager, If you don’t see a broken device icon next to “NOOK Tablet” then you may have some other generic drivers taking over. Not sure how to remove them so you will have to move to another PC that has never had a tablet hooked up and start over.

6b. If you do see NOOK Tablet with a broken device icon.. then right click and choose “update driver”. Choose “Let me specify where the driver is” and browse to the c:\ntroot\usbdriver folder and hit ok. It should install and you can click “OK” to the warning about unsigned drivers.

7. Run “NookandZergy.bat” and follow the instructions
7a. If you see a long string of numbers/letters it’s your device
Now you should have root.

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