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Vevo for Android arrives

January 12th, 2011

If you love music videos, Vevo is your dream application.

Vevo for Android offers 25,000 videos from more than 7,500 of your favorite artists. You can watch and share any video easily with friends via Twitter, Facebook & Email.

Voice Control

Know exactly what you want to watch?
Activate Voice Control and search for your video by artist or song name. You can even search by Top Videos, and Premieres. WooHoo!

Share or Purchase videos

Share your favorite videos with friends quickly via Twitter, Facebook and e-mail. Want to own your favorite video? Instantly purchase using the buy links to Amazon or iTunes.

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Best Radio App for Android

January 3rd, 2011

Listen to Live Radio on Android

RadioTime is the creator of the TuneIn app.

TuneIn is an excellent radio streaming app for Android. You can get local stations or global stations. AM or FM fast…and it sounds great!

I did see someone complain that they could not edit their TuneIn station presets. I found that it is quite simple to remove a preset. Simply navigate to the station that you want to remove and then long press the ‘In Preset’ button. Preset removed!

Android RadioTime from RadioTime on Vimeo.

Apparently you can tie your RadioTime account into your Android TuneIn app. This would allow you to have access to your favorite stations with the click of a button.

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ASUS SonicMaster and Musicbox

December 29th, 2010

Musicbox is fun!

I love being able to cut and paste images into dancing and singing animations. There is just something very appealing about being able to put an image of yourself or someone that you know, into a comic situation.

Musicbox is a cool little app that lets you do some cut and paste with images.

Check out my Musicbox creation.

I pasted in a photo of my ex-girlfriend, Katy. Hope she don’t mind 🙂

Musicbox is part of ASUS’s promotion of their new SonicMaster series laptops. ASUS has decided that it’s time someone put a decent sound system in a laptop.

Check out Musicbox and have some fun!

Winamp Beta for Android Rocks

October 21st, 2010

Winamp for Android is the best!

Today, when I saw that Winamp had released their beta Android app, I knew that it would be great and that I had to have it. I jumped on the market and discovered that there had only been around 1000 downloads so far. (5000 now)

1.19 mb is quite a bit smaller than I would have thought. I’ve noticed that some big name software developers think they can create huge apps with no repercussions. I think this is lame. Kudos to Winamp for keeping it small and still very functional.

Winamp looks good!

I can add tracks to a playlist …while I’m listening to them…without interruption. Individual tracks and entire albums can be deleted from the SD card, right from the Winamp interface.

Add playlist shortcuts and the widget player to the Android home screen. As well as enable playback control from the lock-screen.

My disappointment with Winamp.

I figured with the release of the Android app, integration with Linux would be available. I guess not. Here is the message that greeted me when I went to download Winamp for Ubuntu.

No matter. I’ll still use the Android app and continue hoping that more companies start to take Linux more seriously.

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