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Voice Search from Google

June 29th, 2011


Did you know that now you can talk instead of type to search on

All you need is Google Chrome 11 or higher and a built-in or attached microphone. Of course you will also need to visit the Google home page to perform the search…but that is obvious.

Speaking your search query frees up your hands for other things…such as kneading dough or counting your money. You’ll be able to easily find what you need just with a few words.

Check out Voice Search from Google today.

Google Chrome Browser

See the history of your Facebook Status posts

June 27th, 2011

Facebook is great for current events… and Facebook is great for sharing how you feel about any given topic. Facebook really dominates for posting the latest photos that you just took with your phone.

Facebook does a lot of things really great…except the past.

Facebook sucks when it comes to your Facebook past! It should be much easier to find that one important conversation where something was said and you can’t quite remember who said it… or how it was worded. Maybe it was the date and time that you couldn’t remember.

Facebook remembers all this information. But doesn’t make it very easy to get to.

Now there is a solution…

Take a look at

StatusHistory will take you down Facebook memory lane… the easy way!

Simply go to and login with your Facebook user name and password.

Depending on how popular you are on Facebook, you’ll soon be browsing some interesting stats about your status and actually viewing your past status posts and the comments associated with them.

Here are some stats that indicate that I don’t spend as much time on Facebook as Mr. Zuckerberg would like!

I have dug down a bit deeper and found some useful information that I had recently forgotten. I am glad that I found and that it has helped me to find lost information.

We document our lives on Facebook. We share our thoughts, insights, and observations on a daily basis. But where does this data go? is my attempt to take a look at all of this data. Who is my most active Facebook friend? What status update generated the most “Likes”. How many Status updates have I posted in the past two years?

I hope you enjoy as much as I did taking a look into my Status History. If you did, tell a friend.

Titanium Media Sync fixes Dropbox for Android

March 25th, 2011

Easily select folders on your SD card to automatically sync to Dropbox.

Think about it this way…every time that you take a photo with your Android device, those photos could be automatically backed up to your Dropbox account. This is like an insurance policy for $2.99 that could save you time and effort and possibly a headache or two due to device failure.

You can also transfer folders from your Dropbox account to your SD card, but it’s only a one-time thing, Titanium doesn’t auto sync your remote folders, only the ones on your SD card.


The UI is very easy to use. The left column displays all the directories on your SD card and the right column displays your Dropbox directories. You can just drag and drop directories from one column to the other to sync them. Dragging a directory from the the right column will download that directory to your SD card. Dragging from left to right allows you to set an auto sync feature. Since it only syncs one way, Titanium isn’t constantly on the internet, monitoring for changes and slowing down your phone.


Innovative “setup & forget” sync engine with these features:
• Battery friendly.
• Works on ALL Android devices.
• Will NOT slow down your device when no data changes.
• Will backup your new/modified files (eg: photos, videos) in the background, as soon as possible.
• Adapts to ever-changing connectivity and power conditions.
Supports 2 different sync modes (both are one-way):
• Continuous sync from Local to Remote.
• One-shot sync from Remote to Local.
• Dropbox restricts uploads to 300MB per file:

Get Titanium Media Sync

Android Market

Embed Google Person Finder to help people in Japan

March 11th, 2011

Google has been leading efforts to warn and help people affected by the earthquake in Japan. Earlier today they had placed tsunami warnings on the Google main page.
Subsequently they have updated the information to point to useful tools that will help people searching for friends and relatives that may have been in the affected areas.

Google Person Finder

Google Person Finder is a tool that allows you to input the name or names of people that you are concerned with. You can also put in names of people that you may have information about. Google Person Finder is also very mobile friendly! Spreading it on Twitter would be a very good idea.

This tool is also embeddable. You can easily paste it into your website or blog.


This is a great way to make the tool more accessible and to spread the word about the Google Person Finder. I have embedded the tool below so you can see whats involved.

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