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Mintacular is a revolution in chewing Sponsored Video

August 16th, 2012

Mintacular is quite possibly the best celebrity endorsed chewing experience available today. In fact, literally nothing else short of the Elvis endorsed ‘Peanut butter & Nanner sandwich’ could compete on such a scale.

Snow sport athlete Shaun White rose to fame prior to the 2010 Winter Olympics by kicking major tail in Snowboard competitions across the land. Medaling in the winter games just increased his ‘Name Drop-ability’and is a direct factor in him being on this awesome marketing masterpiece.

Bob Sneeth the Co-Senior Vice Executive President in charge of Mintacular development believes that no one else could better represent the flavor revolution of ‘White Mint’ than Shaun White himself. You know when the Co-Senior Vice Executive President believes in something, you have no choice but to jump on board.
The design and marketing team knew this going into the project. So they tackled the task with a truly innovative spirit that rivals even the Wright Brothers at Kittyhawk. After many gruelling hours of super stressful brainstorming sessions, this team arrived at the unthinkable. The answer to all the questions ever posed in the known universe.
Mint and Watermelon.
Only minds of pure genius could concieve of such a Mintacular combination. A flavor combination that is so contrary that the rational person would never have considered tasting it.

The ultimate question is… Will anybody buy it?

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Sponsored Video: Seductive Motion

June 5th, 2012

Watch as this woman unknowingly causes a stir when she uses motion-control technology, in her new Samsung Smart TV.

Visit the Samsung Televisions’ Facebook page for more information.

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Sponsored Video: FAST N’ LOUD

June 5th, 2012

Meet two crazy guys that are seriously into automobiles. Richard Rawlings is blessed with the ability to easily strike a chord with just about anyone. He is the deal maker in this partnership. Richard knows what he is looking for and where to get it!

Aaron Kaufmann is a motorhead that possesses the coveted ability to tear apart and repair anything he can get his hands on. Whether it has two wheels or more, if it rolls, he can transform it into a thing of beauty.

Richard and Aaron join forces to track down and restore lost and forgotten American classic cars in the new Discovery Channel series FAST N’ LOUD. The show premieres on Discovery Channel Wednesday, June 6th at 10PM E/P.

If you like classic American cars rescued from the back roads, barns and fields of Texas, you’ll love this new series! FAST N’ LOUD.

Also don’t forget to visit FAST N’ LOUD on Facebook where you’ll get to see many photos of cars they have found and restored. You can also join in the automobile discussion with other fans of the show.

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Vimeo launches Android, WP7 mobile apps; previews revamped iPhone, iPad apps | VentureBeat

January 9th, 2012

Vimeo launches Android, WP7 mobile apps; previews revamped iPhone, iPad apps | VentureBeat.

Vimeo’s site traffic from mobile has more than doubled in the last year.

Joe Schmitt, Vimeo’s head of mobile, told us that the percentage of mobile-based site traffic has doubled in the last year. He said Vimeo’s total traffic coming from mobile was at 7 percent in Jan. 2010 and that now sits at 15 percent.

No wonder they are releasing mobile apps for Android and WindowsPhone 7!

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