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New Samsung Mobile Widget SDK 1.1.0 release

January 30th, 2010

This comes from the innovator Samsung mobile website.…

The Samsung Mobile Widget SDK helps you develop widgets for Samsung mobile devices running the TouchWiz™ user interface. The toolkit includes the emulation environment, debug tools. Documentation and sample applications are available from Samsung Mobile Innovator site. This SDK allows developers to develop state of the art mobile widgets.

The Update from the previous SDK:

– ACCESS NetFront browser is now emulated

– Right-click (Context) menu

* Allows user to create add device, create package, update package

– Seamless integration with seller site

– New Widgets Menu

– Improvements to widget-building routines

– Relaxed Java dependencies

– Proxy support

– Loaded new devices

– Transparent backgrounds

– New fields in XML files

With its new and updated features, the latest version of the Samsung SDK enables
developer to improve development productivity. To explore many more features download the new Samsung Widget SDK.

Clearspring will stop new widget creation on Feb 1st 2010

January 30th, 2010

This showed up in my inbox yesterday and I thought I should share it with my handful of readers.

IMPORTANT: The ability to create new Launchpad widgets will be turned off on February 1st, 2010.


As part of the ongoing process to sunset the Launchpad platform, the ability to create new widgets will be turned off on February 1st, 2010. As a reminder, here are the upcoming dates associated with this process:

* Feb. 1st, 2010: New widget creation will be disabled.
* April 5th, 2010: Launchpad console will be turned off, however existing widget installations will continue to be served.
* January 1st, 2011: Widget serving will be shut off.

We are committed to working with you to make your transition process as smooth as possible, and have created a number of documents to help.


* Transition Overview
* What You Need to Know
* Questions and Answers
* Launchpad Transition Support Forum
* Launchpad & AddThis Platform Comparison
* More Information about the AddThis sharing platform

Going forward, we hope that you’ll use AddThis for your widget sharing. We think you will find AddThis to be an easy, powerful and fast.

If you have any questions, please visit the Support Forum above for assistance. Thank you for your continued partnership and use of Clearspring products.

Hooman Radfar
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Clearspring Technologies

I see this as a good thing. Clearspring is consolidating their product line which will allow them to focus more on their core offerings. AddThis is immensely popular (sharing over 30 billion a month) and adds far more flexibility and options to widget developers.
The transition will be smooth. As outlined in the section above, just about anything you can do with Launchpad, you will be able to accomplish with AddThis.

Congratulations to Hooman and his team for creating such a successful product!

Samsung TouchWIZ Widget Engine Now A Open Platform

August 22nd, 2009


I have been following on TouchWIZ and its evolution since it started and now after almost 18 months since that happened, Samsing is now opening TouchWIZ for third party developers via a SDK. The SDK could be seen similar to the palm pre WebOS that is limited to web tech like HTML, JS, CSS and the like but at the same times that makes it quite easy for everyone that wants to get into to just do so if they are already familiar with web development.

The hook is that TouchWIZ is not only a Widget UI-UX that is used in Samsung own in-house OS but also works in Symbian and in Windows Mobile. Given the uniformity of how its works in such different Mobile OSes is quite sure that if Samsung want to use it in Android and Maemo. TouchWIZ will work in these mobiles OSes Too. So that is quite a hook to lure in  widget developers. Being able to have widgets running in almost all of the top Mobile OSes with ease.

TouchWIZ widget engine should be considered as the best and more pervasive widget engine in mobiles right simple because its influence on LG and most of Korean manufacturers in this space copying from it. It has now been is many phones and the first big mover advantage (with this kind of design) they had made many to think about competitors offerings in TouchWIZ or even calling it that without knowing it is not actually TouchWIZ.

So having a SDK will be very interesting as it is very likely that LG and others will follow suit.

Go to the Samsung site for the full details.

Samsung Mobile Innovator

via MobileCrunch

iGoogle Social Gadgets

August 22nd, 2009


Google truly surprises me with their widget/gadget strategy that seems to encompass everything.

The last big thing was of course Google Web Elements. Not really a new-new thing, just a big update to what before was limited and known as Google Gadgets for Web.

Then they quickly finally added the final touches and retouches to the whole shareable, collaborative aspect of iGoogle and its Gadgets.  Something that actually started over a year ago.

Now they are announcing it with the benefit of finally not only have ended the work on that front but also with the added plus of a lot of third party iGoogle Gadgets making use of this.


What is truly different is that they now got Google Friend Connect so they are now also going to be doing a activity based friend update stream just like in Facebook and Windows Live but directly connected to the iGoogle Gadgets. This change is a clear sign of Google wanting a share of the pie of what Facebook and Windows Live does while doing it in their own way. the result is admirable and well executed. but considering it was over a year in the making and based on a foundation that got several years already in place. It had to be. I think it maybe time for a new not so quick look to Google and its Gadget Strategy.

iGoogle Social

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