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SproutMixer: Widget Advertising & Marketing For All

December 3rd, 2008


SproutMixer is the brother site to SproutBuilder. The latter lets you create very simple and easy media widgets or very very basic utility widgets. This is not the goal of SproutMixer. its goal is to bring money to sprout and to others because it about reusing the technology developed to create Sproutbuilder to allow easy creation of  Ad Widgets for Direct Advertising or for Brand Marketing with good analytics and high spread sharing qualities.

The problem before with bringing solid Analytics to Flash Widgets was that it failed to be deeply integrated with the flash object. it also needed to be developed by each Widget Company on their own and its was a very strong theme in widgets in 2008. the Widget Companies that invested more on Widget Analytics and understanding what that meant was Clearspring followed by Gigya and Musestorm. This left out other Widget Companies in disadvantage since they could not invest as heavily on that.

Google now has cutout the work for all Widget Companies by Working with Adobe to bring Google Analytics to Flash Objects. this breakthrough finally will make sure that Ad Widgets and Widget Advertising can grow a lot faster on 2009. of course that Google to be interested in this is because they are both the biggest blessing and curse to all Widget Companies. because while they bring good technology that can now be used by all. they also bring Hard Competition since they compete in the Widget Space in practically all areas. from Desktop widgets to web widgets and from media Widgets to Ad Widgets.  

This means that the hard work on Analytics by the Widget Companies i mentioned will not go to waste and will be useful to keep competing all around.


SproutMixer could not be easier to use. it is the very same ease of use of its older brother at SproutBuilder. so the only thing that changes is the Focus of what is being done and the why.

Since Google Analytics can now work for Flash. Sproutmixer was the perfect way to Demo the benefits from that because they are not only Advertising and Marketing Widgets. they are also remixable. that means you can change the way these widget look and obtain another level of user engagement thanks to that. in a way that should make Marketers savory it since it is all trackable.

And not only they are remixable. but they also count with a  High Spread Sharing provided by Gigya Wildfire.

Really Cool Stuff that will surely assure that Widgets don`t lose steam on 2009.


Gigya Reaches #1 Spot Worldwide In Terms Of Widget Companies

October 16th, 2008


Gigya got named #1 widget company in all the round world by comscore. this put all the current moves in the Widget Industry into perspective. gigya way of doing things with a more off hands approach to be a enabler to widget distribution and to be light in branding of widgets since they are not a Widget Developer like Clearspring or a Widget Agency like Musestorm or a Widget Distribution Channel in the same vain Widgetbox is has paid off. This incredible surge of growth really proves it and it sure has been the reason for many movements. not only from Clearspring but also from the likes of Widgetbox that is also accelerating lately

So,Unlike other Bloggers. i do rectify when i have been off base. now it is very clear where the main plotline was. it was a Gigya – Clearspring main story after all. what do i mean by this?. well. that Clearspring main worry and main reason to acquire AddThis was not to fend of the quickly growing ShareThis that is now  turning into a big Widget company but to accelerate against Gigya. something they dealt with on both accounts with said AddThis Acquisition since they were in the need of more reach. Gigya then in turn announced its new funding round and its strategy towards the social graph with Gigya Socialize.

I was not wrong but not fully right. so i stand corrected. now it is good to check out how things interconnect. i knew gigya was doing great. i didn`t thought they were doing THIS GREAT. truly amazing to check the numbers from comscore on this:


Gigya Press Release:

comScore Ranks Gigya as Largest Widget Company with More Than 174 Million Unique Widget Viewers Worldwide

Gigya Grows 43% in Five Months; Also Releases Internal Data Showing Average Reach of 25 Unique Users per Installed Widget

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) October 15, 2008 —

Gigya U.S. & Worldwide Reach
News Facts

Gigya, the largest widget distribution network and social sharing platform, reached more than 174 million unique widget viewers worldwide in August 2008 according to data released this month in comScore’s August Widget Metrix Report.
In addition to ranking as the largest widget platform, Gigya is also the largest widget company in the world in terms of reach according to comScore. Gigya saw a 43 percent increase in worldwide, unique viewer reach since March 2008.
Within the United States, Gigya reached more than 70 million unique widget viewers, representing 37.2 percent of U.S. Internet users. This is a 59 percent increase since March 2008.
Gigya also released its own internal data for the month of August, showing that on average, 25 unique people viewed each installed widget. This means that these widgets are viewed and engaged with by a significant network of friends along with the original user.

Situation Analysis
This data from Gigya and comScore reflects a key trend that is reshaping the Internet: content is being consumed in locations other than the original source and instead within the places where users spend an increasing amount of time online, such as social networks, start pages and blogs.
The data also illustrates that the majority of widgets installed via Gigya’s sharing platform are placed by users onto social platforms like social network profile pages, where the widgets then reach an average of 24 of each user’s friends.
Gigya’s technology and services achieved enormous traction with both advertisers and publishers due in large part to this significant network effect. The company’s growth also reflects the desire of these two key customer groups to reach large and relevant audiences in a social context, using innovative technologies that together deliver user endorsement, word of mouth and a high level of engagement.
According to recent Forrester research, people online most trust their friends for consumer information. With 83 percent of people trusting a friend’s opinion of a product or service, widgets, and their ability to reach friend networks as user-endorsed content, represent an important marketing opportunity.

Of course that Clearspring acquisition of AddThis was the smart move since they are now well positioned to reclaim the #1 place in what could be a month from now. but even then. the news from gigya and their Gigya Socialize strategy shows that they will not let go without a fight.

This in turn should be great for Widgets in general and good for me that i get to cover it. what is not to like?


Come2Play Now Got A Multi-Player API for Flash Based Game Widgets

October 7th, 2008


I initially wrote about come2play because they had some good game widgets and they counted with a directory of them that counted with High Spread Sharing modules for each game. Now they have something even more interesting going on. they now got a Multi Player API for Flash based game widget development.

This means that you can make multi-player flash game widgets with it and also can be ported to work in the Facebook App Platform (that also means Bebo and Friendster for that matter) or as a OpenSocial Widget-App  among promotion and distribution by come2play. that is if you do decide to use their tools and network that is.


But as a display of confidence they are also releasing it as Open Source.

Come2Play  new API should be interesting for Flash Game developers to poke around and i hope it gets used so we can see better game widgets.

They are also having a contest for those willing to try their API. so have look or read on about it later when they announce it.


Come2Play  Developer


via Techcrunch

hi5 integrates widgetbox custom widget galleries, partner for OpenSocial widget distribution

August 26th, 2008

image image

Hi5 last report about its 2008 outlook was quite positive since it showed a surge in growth and user engagement. widgetbox on his own regard launched its Widget Custom Galleries offering as a way to evolve and extend distribution of widgets beyond the widgetbox site and into Social Networks or pretty much any site that wants to do so. the more integrated version of said custom widget galleries were reserved for partnerships or special deals.

hi5 decided to give Widgetbox custom galleries a try. but widgetbox may have looked at a opportunity and a partnership was then formed. the deal gives hi5 a more integrated version widgetbox custom galleries and it gives hi5 the chance to allow OpenSocial widget and widget-app developers that are using hi5 for their Widgets and widget-app as a springboard for distribution thanks to this deal with Widgetbox.

If hi5 is to be believed, there have been at least 2 million widgetbox widget added to hi5 and that has resulted in 65,000 subscription to widgets. the clarity of what exactly does these numbers mean slightly eludes me. if a hi5 representative would like to clear them up for me i would gladly update his post.

in the end it is quite a good set of deals for both hi5 and widgetbox. widgetbox assures  growth along  reach and influence gains for their Widget Distribution network by partnering with the most promising in terms of growth Social Network and hi5 gains even more ways to ensure engagement not only from its users but also from the developers that take a chance with hi5 and its OpenSocial based platform. the most interesting widget the hi5 platform has produced so far is the pixverse pixchat widget, which was so good in hi5 eyes that they ended up acquiring it almost two months ago.

Hi5 Widgetbox

via Mashable

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