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Fashiontv releases Fashion video widget

October 7th, 2012


FashionTV is the largest global fashion network in the world broadcasting to over 350 million households. With a Facebook fan-base of almost 1.8 million likes. have launched a new Fashion Video Widget. The widget is free and lets you enrich your site with constantly updated fashion videos, following our TV broadcast programs.

The benefits:

·         1-5 video slots, updating every couple of minutes.

·         Personalized graphics and titles, to compliment your site the best

·         You can even customize your country zone to receive videos that are viewed in your area.

To get the Fashion Video Widget go to:


August 22nd, 2012

Shpoonkle is affordable legal services.

Founded by Robert Niznik, the Shpoonkle model has become a successful and recognizable brand in less than a year. Focused on the Legal Services niche and making justice affordable, while helping legal professionals find work, Niznik has added many features to the model in the first year.

This has allowed the Shpoonkle model to provide a wide range of services to clients and legal professionals from launch that continues to benefit this demographic with its continued expansion and growth.

The Shpoonkle Model is built and managed to be significant and a sustainable model. Robert Niznik is harvesting the power of the legal services market for social benefits. Shpoonkle has grown significantly in the past year averaging 10,000 daily visitors to the site, and appearing in over 1000 domestic and international media outlets. Client retention has been a positive factor, as well as a reduction in client fees with 30% reduction in cost as compared to the national average on same services this year.

The Shpoonkle widget provides your viewers or customer an easy and free service directly from your site. When your visitors click the widget they’ll be able to get legal help (try it for yourself on the right).
This is a useful resource to offer your viewers and it’s completely free to you and them to use. widget works great

December 6th, 2011

The widget can be used to display any sub reddit that exists. If you want videos or askreddit or even NSFW… they all work and display how you want them to. Its a simple javascript that all you need to do is change the subreddit to what you want.

Other widget options include:\

    remove css styling
    enable in-widget voting
    two columns
    background color
    border color

You can find the widget link at the bottom of any page and will automatically be assoicated for that subreddit. Easy!


Google Plus Widget for websites

August 2nd, 2011

The Google Plus Widget from is a highly customizable, easy to use widget that acts as a conduit to your Google+ and Google profile.

Just about every possible option is available. You have complete control over all color options, border options etc.

Check out today

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