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gglpls widget displays your Google+ posts on your website

August 2nd, 2011

There is no doubt that Google+ is hot right now and with all that popularity comes added features created by the community at large. is a Google+ community directory where you can list yourself and find others with similar interests. You can even search users by their country of origin. (I believe this information is added by the person when they list themselves on this site.) has created a simple to use, embeddable widget that will display all of your Google+ posts, your profile image and whatever you have in your Google Profile (under name box thingy). The widget also provides links to each post for convenience.

The widget is completely customizable with size options and HEX color options for ‘shell’, ‘post background’ and ‘scroll bar’.

Once you have your widget set up the way you want, simply copy the widget code and paste it into your website template code.

Google+ add me widget

July 13th, 2011

widgetsplus has released a widget that allows your readers to easily add you to their Google+ Circle of choice.

The setup for this widget allows you to completely choose your colors…right down to the HEX numbers if you like. I love this level of customization.
I do hope the dev will somehow allow the use of background images as well.

Display your Google+ stats in a widget

July 12th, 2011

Google+ is hot right now. Very hot it seems. So hot that some of the people responsible for decided to create a cool way to track and display Google+ statistics. is born

When I noticed that Google+ might become popular and that I could build a script to get the following and followers numbers I didn’t think about it too long and started hacking away. On Monday morning the lead developer for TwitterCounter joined me and together we built a first version of a top 100 for Google+. is a super speedy startup that is both tracking Google+’s hottest (Top) 100 and giving you an easy way to display your Google+ stats on your site with a simple embed.

The widget design is simple, yet elegant. Clean lines with no clutter.
Your profile pic is displayed and linked to your page. Your ‘Followers’ stat and ‘Friends’ stat are also linked to your page. They are kind enough to include a ‘myprofile’ link that actually links to your Google+ profile as well. Also there is a convenient link at the bottom to


People Widget for Gmail

May 31st, 2011

Google is always innovating and today is no different with the introduction of the’people Widget’ in Gmail.

This little beauty sits on the right side of your Gmail inbox and gives you a quick snapshot of your communication history with the participants of your current Gmail conversation. this is a big step in Google’s social puzzle. At a glance, you can see who you have invited to the party, see the calendar, add events etc. and just plain see who you have connected with and in what way…this is just some powerful socializing!

Notice the unobtrusive location!

Built in ability to instantly chat with any of your contacts that are online!

View google’s full ‘People Widget‘ announcement.

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