Customizing MySpace Widgets, Flash, Codes

Widgets can be a great way share videos, games and music!

This is a collection of widgets that work on MySpace. There are also resources listed that you can use for hosting videos, photos and whatever else you may need to host.

This list is constantly being updated and ranks #1 in a Google search for Myspace Widgets!

If you have a widget that you want included, please don’t hesitate to comment or email me so I can update the list accordingly.

If you think your widget deserves top billing, for $20.00 us per month, we will highlight your link and place it at the top of the list in the category of your choice.

Video–send photo and video from your mobile to Myspace widget–Displays thumbnails of your videos

jibjab1.jpg–post mobile video to MySpace–music video player for MySpace
Nabbr .com–upload and play video on MySpace–upload phone videos to your MySpace–MySpace videos

Pictobrowser Awesome Flickr slideshow widget
Flickr Photo Cube
Design your Flick

Badongo photos and music–Best photo pimpin’ tool ever!–Flash widget displays your Flickr photos
Photobucket–flash photo widget that works on MySpace–post photos right from your phone–host photos to display on MySpace–slide show your photos–cool photo displays with hosting–upload photos from your mobile phone to your MySpace
badg r–put your flickr photos on MySpace–send photo and video from your mobile to Myspace widget

Fun Photo contests and prizes Video Messaging–Do you look like a celebrity? Here’s a widget for you.–Get a Tag Cloud for your traits.–create comic strips on MySpace.–NY Times Crossword puzzle.
Lego AquaRaiders game–Embeddable Lego game.

Pyzam-A-Sketch–Etch-A-Sketch clone for your profile! horoscope widget
Happy Jimbo Games–34 cool-N-fun widgets–funny MySpace widgets
Live Funny4 MySpace widgets –message widgets, glitter text, count down timers
Go Pets! virtual pets

Glittery slideshows
GetHammered voting–Your text on fun images–put a quiz on MySpace
Live bunchball games–polls, quizzes, games and more–mini flash games for your profile pages–MySpace horoscope widget–Free Games For Your Website–put a poll on MySpace
Mobilizer Pyzam toy–let your jealous friends add your graphics to their phone.
Create a Buzzbite–Create cool, fun polls for your visitors!

Music – Play and Remix songs on your MySpace page with the JamStudio MySpace Mixer!
Slacker–Myspace radio
‘My iTunes Widgets’ Concerts

Slacker.comCreate myspace radio
gBox Google music
Blogmusik–Sweet music player for MySpace–Pick tracks–no upload!–Artists-play and sell your music with this widget/service–Mix your music- play it on MySpace

PodSafe Music Network music from your favorite artists on the PodSafe network–Opus Player for music-cool features–music player and alot more–display your current music on MySpace

Feedostyle Rss
The–MySpace friendly rss ticker

Visitor maps
TagMaps Web Services–World Visitor Map

Communications–FREE MySpace Voicemail
showyourself widget–Share all your social identities.–SMS text widget-visitors can text your phone.
YackPack.com4 cool communication widgets follow and track comments chat with your visitors from anywhere–stay connected-mobile to web through your MySpace–your life – mobile in a freaky big brother way–locate your friends share your events bookmarks tag cloud

togo.ebay.comPromote auctions
Sticki Amazon widget–Promote your Amazon affiliate products.–Post eBay listings to your profile page
PocketFuzz–Affiliate ringtone widget–sell ringtones for your band. /WIDGET–Sell your own art–Ringtones and wallpapers.

Books/Literature–Show off the books you have and the books you want.


Counters–simple visitor counter widget

Cool Graphics–Your own Hollywood sign!

MySpace Layout sites

mygen2.5–One of the best MySpace editors
my hollywood–Good MySpace editor
freecodesource.comJust about everything for MySpace
MyPimpspace Layouts
Mod My Profile for your MySpace profile!
MyMackSpace–Holiday layouts and much more–glitter themes and custom messages–Embed Flash slideshows on MySpace editor Simple editor with many premade layouts to choose from. editor More advanced editor that deals with HTML Generators for friend lists and much more Another profile editor but with previews Slider style editor with live previews editor Standard editor with Photobucket login to use images for backgrounds Drag and drop editor with preview and one click apply 1 click editor editor features auto update preview…see changes as you make them drag and drop with 1 click copy and paste Generators for hi5, Piczo and Blogger as well profile editor Slide style editor with real time previews editor Create a new layout or modify premade layouts Fun editor with graphics and various generators editor Slider edits with real time previews Huge collection of Myspace generators


  1. paul sanchez says:

    Stickam does not work on myspace anymore. In fact I came here to ask if you know of any service that does live feeds like Stickam. Great site by the way.


  2. @Paul … we have just launched a new webcam solution for myspace and a bunch of other social networking sites … you can check it out at http:///

  3. Kim says:

    I have one for your photos section.

    Some of the best photo widgets I have ever seen.

  4. mattfw says:

    Nice site. You are doing a great service to the web

  5. Jack says:

    Hi we recently launched a Free Voice Mail for Myspace, eBay or any other web page.
    No telephone required.

  6. Rob Wood says:

    Shop & Sell on MySpace!

    I have a beta widget for the Shop / Sell section of this page. The widget allows you to sell on MySpace or anywhere you can paste the widget code. It works with PayPal and I am adding Google checkout soon. The beta is totally free!

  7. zhanoo says:

    Uploading Photos and Videos to MySpace
    Uploading photos to your MySpace account is fairly simple. First you must log into your account and then click on the links that says, “Add/edit photos.” You then receive a warning stating that photos which include nudity, violent or offensive materials or copyrighted images are not permitted. You can then browse through your hard drive to find the desired photo. Photos uploaded to MySpace must be .gif or .jpg format and must be smaller than 600k. Once you find an appropriate photo, click upload and the photo will be added to your account. Once a photo is added you can create a caption for this photo.

  8. Eli says:

    I was wondering if you knew of any quit smoking counters, that keep track of the days, hours, etc. since I quit smoking. I quit recently, and i think it would be a great reminder for myself and others, to help build self confidence in one of the hardest habits to quit.

  9. Loobiz says:

    If you looking for a currency convert widget, you can try this one :

  10. there are better currency converters on Google please contact for more details on all widgets for your web site


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