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Best Buy “Best Selling” widget for affiliates

January 13th, 2010

Found this via Twitter

The Best Buy Remix blog just announced a beta of a “Best Buy Best Selling Widget” for affiliates of Best Buy.

I have included both a working version of the widget and a screen capture. The blog post indicates that the current test of the widget would go dark at a later date. I had to scrape the code from the page source in order to display it.
In order to get the actual widget, I would have to be a Best Buy Affiliate and I noticed that they don’t seem to provide the HTML embed code. Just links to various platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, Orkut etc. are provided to incorporate this widget.

The Remix blog post also indicates that a person can check local stores (via zip code) for product availability and also initiate a purchase through the widget. (almost makes me wish I was a Best Buy affiliate.)

The widget will show by category the top 5 best-selling products in the category selected. You can also enter your zipcode to see local store availability and then click a buy link to be taken to to purchase the item. Additional photos of the item are also shown.

It appears as though Nintendo currently occupies 4 of the 5 “Best Sellers” spots in the “All” category in this widget. Is this a true indication of what is really Best Buy’s top selling items? Amazingly there is no category for computers. I wonder if affiliates aren’t allowed to sell computers?

PLYmedia : subtitles, closed captioning, annotations and info overlays for video embeddables

September 3rd, 2008

PLYmedia is start up that does something i have wanted to see in terms of online video from the beginning of the decade where video streaming finally got something that you could do without a problem. the need for it only grew with the arrival of YouTube and start of modern video embeddables. PLYmedia does subtitles, closed captioning and info overlays for video embeddables by providing a layer of information that can work with the common embed code of flash video embeddables. this way. you can embed a video with a subPLY  layer and it will instantly serve the kind of overlay specific to that matter if it is a youtube video. it can be subtitles, closed captioning and of course info overlays. the third is something that can offer extra information related to the video or other kind of information like advertising. this also means it can give you in video linking.


This is a very simplistic rundown but what makes it such a good thing is that it can give out much more than what i just originally wanted and easily evolve into the future.i would not be surprised if they suddenly had a Silverlight solution too. i am sure i will end up doing a post on each of their offerings. it is really that good.


AOL adds Affiliate Marketing to with Widgets

August 13th, 2008


It is not just Social Networking Ads powered by Widgets. AOL has also added Affiliate Marketing to with them:

"Once a publisher places a widget on their Web site, consumers can grab it and distribute the widget to other locations on the Web, including social-network pages, desktops, and blogs," a release from AOL explained. "The publisher earns revenue for each sale driven by the widget, even if it’s several download generations away from the publisher’s site."

While AOL has done badly in many areas lately. but they have done well with widgets and widgets have done well to them. i would have made the new my.AOL widget based since they got goowy /yourminis. but the same acquired widget tech is the one that will be used for bebo widget ads and for affiliate marketing widgets. so that alone proves it was a good acquisition. too bad that there is nothing about the Goowy Desktop. it was one of the best webtops out there. it would be a shame if they just kill it. in terms of yourminis it also remains to be seen what they do with the brand and what was before they acquired it.

But right now AOL is more preoccupied with its reorganization and trying to get bought by Microsoft to be concerned about the little details. we will have to wait to the fall for this to be cleared up.

via Cnet

Nooked Shopping Ad Widgets

July 31st, 2008


Given the demand for good Ad Widgets or Widget Ads. and with things like WidgetBucks doing the round lately. the nooked Shopping Ad Widgets are the perfect fit as a alternative for those looking for some revenue generated from a widget.

The concept with nooked is to turn you into a Shopping Advertising Agent for them via Widgets. they take care of the rest. you simply choose a product you may like or that fits in with the theme of your blog and then generate a widget that can serve such product. you also get to choose what  source you want use. that means from what online retailer the stuff will come from.


Only you have made your Nooked Ad Widget you can then proceed to put it in your blog once you have of course registered with them. but as a way to try out how the widget looks. nooked let you make a widget and ask for registration once you have finished to made your widget.

The Widget Editor is very straightforward and allows for a good integration in most blogs.


The only question would be if it works and they pay once you have generated some money out of it. but to answer that, i guess you will have to try it out.


via snipperoo

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