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Snippage: A Web Clip Widget Engine For Your Desktop

February 9th, 2009


With the advantage of a almost ever present online connection. having fully internet dependent widgets. and the very specific kind that fits the bill the best are web clip widgets. they are now a integral part of browser because of IE8 web slices and even the latest Google Toolbar.

Snippage is a web clip widget engine for your desktop. you can put as many web clips as your screen real state can bear. this way you obtain the content out from the sites you usually visit. that is sometimes more reassuring that some feed widgets that can have as much as a hour of delay and need to reformat the content..

Snippage is a AIR app and that means it can be stream installed and updated. without a hitch. those familar with .NET or .NET/WPF Click Once should be familiar with that concept very well. i usually don’t post on AIR apps but this is a very apt example to be here.


in order to get your Web Clip Widget engine. you get a very good snipping tool for the job with a web browser.  the only short coming with it is that it cannot render AJAX, JAVA, Silverlight content making it[is use a little bit limited/ but the tool and the execution of snippage is really good. it is clever and well designed. it also has a nice plus that is the fact it don’t consumes too much resources.

The only thing it needs is a better render engine to be excellent. the only things it needs to do is to tune performance even more and get a better design and desktop integration since  windows resizing for the browser and snipping tool could be better.

But if you like web clip widgets this is the App to get and i can recommend it.


On The Revamped Adobe Flash Platform

December 1st, 2008


Adobe moves in RIA are the most straightforward ones because they are the company that it is more publicly invested into transform itself and to be fully running on the RIA Web as soon as 5 years from now.

They got Flash, Flex, Shockwave, AIR and Reader as their main guns on the Mainstream. all but one are pretty much ubiquitous. but the thing that connect all of them is Flash. Flash 10 is where they truly begin with this transition to being a RIA company and RIA Web run company.

Why not say their in for the cloud computing mantra as you say when talking about Google?. because being fully into RIA`s got a clear cloud computing base that do not need to be recalled upon. but unlike Google. Adobe is also in a Software + Services Strategy just like Microsoft. but as competitors they cannot use neither Mantras and they will stay focus on spreading the notion that Adobe is about RIA`s. because RIA evocates Media, Powerful Browser Based Apps or Powerful Desktop Based Apps that are seamlessly connected to the internet. that means they only need that.

Flash is a mature platform and it reached up that state since 2004-2005 where it became clear it would became more and more widespread. Today flash is in everything in some form or another and Flash 10 is what Adobe is going to use to push progress to Flash from Flex and Shockwave and it is Flash what will be pushed into Reader and AIR as base for the same tech to be used more effectively.

But Adobe weakness with its RIA Tech is that they got  mediocre Development Tools. they are now trying to change that around with:

• Alchemy, that lets programs written in the C or C++ languages, run within Flash Player.

• "Gumbo," a new version of Adobe Flex Builder, that is designed to make programming easier for those familiar with scripting languages such as PHP.

• "Thermo," formally called Adobe Flash Catalyst, is designed to let people quickly create an application’s interface in another application–by Adobe Illustrator CS4 for example–then add the interactive instructions to the interface elements.

These are obvious responses to Microsoft Silverlight. the only real competitor to Adobe RIA tech.

Alchemy is the response to Silverlight 2.0 CLR

Gumbo is the other part of Responding to Silverlight 2.0 easy use and integration of .NET Tech.

Catalyst Responds to Microsoft Expression Studio “Devigner” Mantra.

I see that there is still nothing really good for AIR development as the rumored AIRbase. that was supposed to be a AIR app development software a la iphone xcode sdk. it may not exist and it is a shame because it sounded like a great concept.

Adobe new development Tools  and Development Paths sound like a great progress but this is a area where they are nowhere near the sophistication and maturity of Microsoft offerings with Expression Studio that actually lets designer use assets from Adobe own designing software programs too just like thermo and much less the unbeatable and untouchable status Visual Studio got against Anything Adobe can come up with.

Then. there is the Development Paths where it is also very doubtful Alchemy and Gumbo can top Silverlight .Net Tech Integrations and CLR

Many still claim that Adobe real war is with Google. but they are wrong. Google is late on RIA initiatives because they have not pronounced themselves toward anything yet and are still betting everything on Google Ajax and Google JS so cannot be considered to be in the RIA web fight up to now.

But seeing Adobe moves assure one thing. Competition in RIA`s  will be fierce and it will be something nice to watch as it unfolds.

The good thing is that whatever Adobe does. means better things to come in terms of Widgets as they are the most basic beneficiaries as everything is getting Widgetized.



Adobe next Photoshop to get Widget Interaction?, Of course it will!

May 22nd, 2008


According to a blog post from John Nack, product manager of photoshop. Adobe plans to give the Adobe Creative suite extensibility via modular and non modular widgets. that pretty much means that we could see Adobe AIR widgets running certain elements of the Adobe Suite stand alone form the application in your desktop and network aware flex widget running those same elements online.

We want to make Photoshop and the whole Creative Suite much more flexible, extensible, and connected. Therefore, we’re looking at letting upcoming versions of Photoshop and–as far as I know–all Creative Suite applications be extended via SWF panels (palettes) created in Adobe Flash or Flex.

Of course, this can’t come as a surprise.  I mean, how brain-dead would Adobe have to be not to do this?  The appeal of extending one’s app with lightweight, cross-platform, network-aware widgets is so obvious that we were busy building support in my first app some eight years ago

That is not really a John Nack also states Adobe is after all the creator of what is the basis of the most popular way to spread, develop and design widgets. but going further  is also the only company that already expressed their intention to have their FULL creative suite not only be downloadable for desktop but running online by 2015 and make both versions identical. right now that might seem a stretch. but Adobe Air is at is 1.0 version, Flex is at 3.0 and Flash is going to reach its 10 version this year. by 2015 we are talking about AIR being at 4.0-5.0, Flex around 7.0 and Flash at 14. when taken that into perspective. then it don`t sees far fetched at all right?.

So having extended interactions with the software via widgets is the first step into that direction along they Creative Lite suite they are already forming with Photoshop Express as the first stone in that new foundation.

The intriguing part of that Adobe Future is how their software will end up being integrated into web services and applications.

Right now, John Nack ask the enthusiasts of that RIA powered future to step forward if they have Adobe as their weapon of choice while announcing that a notorious Adobe Tech Masher (Dr Woohoo) is already hard at work at gearing the suite into Flex and AIR which pretty much fills the gaps in my projections.

I will dare to say that we will see a full rooster of the lite online creative suite running in flex and AIR by 2010. the year when Adobe should also have their own competing Web Office solution complete and running the same way and the peripheral services (adobe share, AIRbase, Adobe Marketplace,Thermo, etc) also running at full steam.

via Webware

Snitter is stand alone Twitter app

February 12th, 2008

snitter lets you Twitter right from your desktop using stand alone widget app.

snitter utilizes the Adobe Air and is reported to work on both Apple and Windows based systems.


check out snitter

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