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Facebook for iPad

July 25th, 2011

Seems the development of the Facebook app for the iPad has been all but completed. Actually it turns out that the updated/new Facebook app for iPhone is (or could be) the actual Facebook app for iPad.

Flip the Switch.

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The Facebook for iPad app has been prematurely revealed, after the social network pushed out an updated version of its iPhone software that secretly contained code for the tablet. Using a new side-swiped left hand menu bar, the new app relies on a combination of HTML5 and native code, TechCrunch spotted, to allow access to a user’s Wall, info, photos and friends, along with friend requests, Facebook Chat and Facebook Places.

Version 3.4.4 of the Facebook app for iOS appears to be a Universal Binary – i.e. the same download will eventually be used for both iPhone and iPad users – and so despite being billed as merely a minor update (restoring the “Send” button for comments and chat, for instance) in fact it’s a far bigger change behind the scenes. Usability-wise it’s already getting glowing reviews, with sensible use of pop-up menus, a Photos gallery that fits in aesthetically with the iPad’s own native app, and responsive mapping in Places.

It’s also expected to be the starting point for Facebook’s so-called Project Spartan, the social network’s leaked strategy to take on Apple’s dominance in apps with a system of HTML5 web-apps. Project Spartan is also believed to have Google in its sights, with Facebook rumored to be working alongside Apple on its HTML5 development. The Cupertino company is said to be gaining extra access to Facebook’s 600m-strong database of users in return, valuable information that could eventually go on to educate services like the iOS Assistant voice control system.

That strategy is likely to be more appealing given the recent launch success of Google+, with the new social network quickly gathering users and likely to see even greater adoption once Google begins actively promoting it among Gmail account holders. The release date for the Facebook for iPad app is not currently known, but if it’s already in the binary then we imagine it can’t be far off.



Hydee for Android combines Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare

January 5th, 2011

All your social activities in one place. Post updates, upload and share pics and videos and more.

Hydee combines account management for Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Twitpic, Flickr, Youtube, Me2day, Yfrog, Plixi and maybe more.
Hydee is a FREE app for Android that will simplify your interactions with all of your social networks. It reduces the need to open up multiple apps to access your social stream.

Yay…I love simplification!

We have released really cool application “Hydee”(beta version).:D
This app, will help you enjoying SNS by integrating many SNS services which include Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Me2day(Korean SNS), Foursquare, Flickr, twitpic, and other third-party services.
In other words, you don’t have to jump from apps to apps, with this app, you will have much faster and easier SNS time.

Main features:
– Fast SNS ; Hydee distribute your posting to Facebook, Twitter, Me2day, Youtube, yfrog..
– Easy-view ; visibility of Facebook, Twitter, Me2day in one screen(window)
– Customization ; setting up a screen(window) as your taste. You can make multiple windows and organize what SNS ?? come into each window.
– Media-Friendly ; You can upload pictures and videos weather they’re from your phone or web(youtube) or recording directly.
– Powerful search function
– Checking out connection

Sharing options:

Check out the sharing options built right into the posting area. Pretty cool!


Hydee is very polished. Nice icons and menus indicate an app that has a serious developer behind it.

Hydee is built by RhaRham (assuming) and would like a follow on Twitter @RhaRham

Get Hydee now:

Best Android Call Blocker App

September 28th, 2010

Block calls from unwanted callers.

With the increase in mobile device usage and the decrease in landline use, telemarketers have started calling cell phones with increased intensity. If you have a plan with limited calling minutes, then you could be wasting those minutes on calls you don’t want. You will also be annoyed at the persistence of some telemarketers that just don’t get the hint that you don’t want their crap.

This is where a good call blocking app comes in handy. An app that will allow you to add numbers to a ‘Block Calls’ list that you can edit at any time. This app should also allow you to choose to ‘Send to Voicemail’ any incoming calls you choose.

Call Block Unlimited

Call Block Unlimited is a popular app that allows you to block calls from known spammers from a list that is updated daily. You can also block single contacts, numbers that show up as ‘private’, numbers from entire states(i.e. Mississippi), or whitelist all your contacts and call block everyone else.
This is a huge amount of control over which calls get through.

Get Call Block Unlimited

Call&SMS Filter

Call & SMS Filter allows you to create your own ‘Blacklist’ of numbers to block. This includes text messages from unwanted sources as well. The SMS filter is very important. Telemarketers and psycho ex’s need to be blocked too!

Get Call&SMS Filter

Barclaycard Rollercoaster Extreme for the iPhone

June 17th, 2010

If this is anything like the Barclaycard Waterslide Extreme game, which became the most successful branded free app. (12 million downloads) then you are in for one wild ride.

The object is to ride the wild rails through New York City and collect targets without collecting bad targets or getting knocked out by some obstacle or other. (wrecking ball)

The video below explains it all.

Coming soon, the new iPhone game looks to be bigger, better and more successful still. Ride the rails, beat the clock, and try to make it round a series of exhilarating, rollercoaster tracks. Get ready to ride the suburbs of New York in our new free iPhone Rollercoaster Extreme game.

This is a great example of how to use gaming to spread your brand. Great games that are FREE will spread like wildfire and as a business, you can’t beat that advertising.

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