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Kindle Cloud Reader trumps Apple rules

August 10th, 2011

Score one for Amazon in their battle with unrealistic rules from Apple and their app store regulations.

Kindle Cloud Reader is an optimized web-browser based Kindle reader, for iPads and Google Chrome and even Apple Safari.

Support for additional browsers coming soon.
On an iPhone or other unsupported device? Check out our free Kindle reading applications

All of this Amazon Kindle goodness is made possible by delivering your books from the Amazon cloud and rendering them in HTML5. You can also download new books and read them offline.

This is a giant middle finger to the Cupertino Rules Machine.

Kindle Cloud Reader


Group Messaging with GroupMe for Android and iPhone

March 13th, 2011

Instead of messaging one person at a time…how about sending that message to multiple contacts at once. GroupMe makes this possible.

Currently the darling startup at SXSW, GroupMe promises to be the new social app for the iOS and Android platform and is currently available in the Android Market.


Group Messaging

Start groups with the people already in your contacts.
Send and receive messages using your data plan, or use SMS if you have a poor connection.
Share photos with your groups inline.

Add your location to any message you send.
See all group members on a map.
Conference Calling

Every group gets a unique phone number.
Any group member can call the number to start an group conference call.

Give GroupMe a go today!



Google Voice for iPhone is here

November 16th, 2010

Apple relents and allows Google Voice

If you are an iPhone user and a Google lover, today just might be your day. Apple has decided to allow Google Voice into the App Store and its about time.

Google Voice allows you to route your calls through a phone number of your choosing, transcribes voice mails into text and gives you some pretty cheap international calling rates on top.

Full list of Google Voice features

Loosen up the AT&T shackles with FREE SMS through Google Voice also.

Get Google Voice in the Apple App Market

Scenario Poker for Mac OS X Dashboard

October 4th, 2010

Perfect your skill at Texas Hold’em.

Scenario Poker is a serious poker game that fits nicely on your high end Macbook. You probably could afford said Macbook with your considerable poker earnings and Scenario Poker is here to help you refine those skills.

As you can see, Scenario Poker offers all the options and features that you would expect at typical poker sites. The only thing missing is the cash, moola, bucks, money, dough, clams…

The game is Texas Hold ’em limit poker. It takes ten minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. You’ll be playing in a three-round, shootout tournament against up to 27 simulated opponents. When you run out of chips, you’re out. But if you win everyone’s chips, you keep advancing to the next table until you’re the champion!

– See a lot of hands fast!
– Built-in help
– Customizable graphics
– Tracks your statistics as you play
– Create your own opponents

Download Scenario Poker

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