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Noozy is a Zune like Music Player for Android

October 11th, 2012

image Seems that some developer was smitten with the Zune’s UI and has created a new Android app (music player). Apparently it isn’t just superior in visual appeal. Sounds like it has a decent sound engine behind it as well.

Tablet App Quality Checklist | Android Developers

October 9th, 2012

Google knows how important it is to have top quality applications available in the Play Store. With these tablet application guidelines, Google has upped the ante in the war against the iPad.


Atooma If this then That Android app

October 7th, 2012


Atooma is a new app for Android that allows you to create many different conditional scenarios on your device.
What this means is that you can set up your device to react to certain conditions and then perform preset tasks.

For example, you can set your phone to turn off the wifi after you have left your home wifi network.


Atooma says :


Atooma in the Play Store

Netflix app for Android see minor update with small UI changes

April 10th, 2012

Netflix is the cat’s meow!

When the app gets updated, millions sit up and take notice.

With this update you will see a new volume control UI that makes adjusting the volume a bit easier during playback. There are also various other bug fixes and stability improvements that aren’t immediately noticeable.


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