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Winner Poker for Android is the Rolls Royce of Poker apps

February 1st, 2012

Find the two best poker games in one app!

Enjoy Omaha High and Texas Hold’em Poker in a unique app on the Android Market!
Texas Hold’em is referred to as the “Cadillac of Poker” by poker legend Doyle Brunson. We can refer to the Winner Poker app as the Rolls Royce of Android poker apps. Apart from the awesome graphics, user-friendly interface, excellent gameplay, and smooth functioning on every Android device the app shines out due to the following opportunities it gives:

Social Rewards and Entertainment.
Socializing is the major advantage standing behind our Winner Poker app. It paints the habitual poker play with bright colors of social entertainment. Statistics show that playing online games with social features makes people become friends in real life. The app gives you every chance to play and get acquainted with millions of poker lovers from all over the world.

♠ Invite your old and newly acquired friends to your table
♠ Send instant messages in public or private chat
♠ Make gifts and treat your poker pals to beverages

Texas Hold’em is a game of competition. It requires certain skills and a touch of luck to win. A true winner needs to be smart, observant, watchful, and patient. Winner Poker helps to improve all these skills as you start and keep on playing. It also sharpens your logical and strategic skills. So you wanna become a Poker Shark?

♠ Get achievement points
♠ Receive new experience levels
♠ Win distinguishing signs

Why play Winner Poker? Because IT IS AWESOME!

You’ll also find in the Winner Poker app:
– Table selection according to your preferences
– Several possibilities to log in: via Facebook, new account, Guest game
– Personal account with an uploadable userpic and detailed user info.

Winner Poker in the Android Market!

ClockworkMod Recovery for the NOOK Tablet (backup, restore, install updates) – Liliputing

January 23rd, 2012

ClockworkMod Recovery for the NOOK Tablet (backup, restore, install updates) – Liliputing.

I have to share this as it is almost unprecedented how cool this is!

Liliputing to the rescue for delivering this great news.

ClockworkMod Recovery is a utility that allows Android phone and tablet users to completely backup or restore their device, erase data, or install custom software. Up until recently there was no easy way to install ClockworkMod or any custom recovery on the Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet, but hackers have made great progress working around the tablet’s locked bootloader recently — and now there’s a simple one-click tool for installing ClockworkMod.

ClockworkMod Recovery NOOK Tablet

A hint about Indirect’s recovery installer app.

Go to to read the rest of this fantastic story!

Evi is a Siri clone for Android

January 23rd, 2012

Evi one-ups Siri for iOS and Android – SlashGear.

I love Android…if you haven’t noticed. And I always like to see some innovation in the app department…even if it isn’t really original.
The popularity of Siri on the iPhone is undoubtedly the reason for all the Siri clones coming to the Android Market. Here is another one for you to try out and decide for yourself.

The Best Free Android Weather App is 1Weather

January 23rd, 2012

1Weather By OneLouder Apps: The Most Complete Android Weather App Yet?.

This weather app is incredible!

With all of the available custom options, this is a top Android app.


Upon launch, the app determines your current location via GPS, and displays relevant weather information via several numerical parameters, as well as polished and animated pictorials. Tapping Today reveals a 24-Hour Forecast with graphical interpretation of temperature and precipitation levels for the day, whereas tapping the sun/moon icon at the bottom shows a 48-Hour Forecast with split weather information on per-day basis about the subsequent days. Swiping to the second icon/tab at the bottom lists the detailed 7-Day Forecast, whereas the third tab can be pressed to get Severe Weather alerts (if any).

Download this app today!

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