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SayAndPost – Record A Voice Message and Post It Online

June 15th, 2010 is a Windows app that allows you to quickly record an audio message and post it to your website, email or aanywhere you can post links. offers two plans for storing your audio files : You get 10 mb web space and 100 mb monthly bandwith for the free plan. For 50 mb web space and 500 mb bandwith you only pay $11.95 per year.

blipbomb video comments widget

October 22nd, 2009


blipBomb lets you add video comments to almost any page.

By “any page” they mean that you can record a comment using your webcam and blipbomb, then paste the resulting code into the comments section of your favorite social site.
Facebook and MySpace are supported as well as a bunch of others. I assume with the proper permissions, you can post video comments to blogs as well.


Here is a screen capture of what a blipbomb video comment looks like. (I’ll also post a random working comment from the blipbomb site…but I assume that users can delete these, so…)



blipbomb and blipback are creations of which bills itself as “Social Media Software To Go”. smells like widgets to me!

Check out blipbomb and blipback for video commenting and to maybe drop a video comment into Facebook once in awhile!

audiopal widget

August 24th, 2009

Add and update audio to your webpage or blog FREE.
audioPal_logo allows you to create a small widget that will play audio that you have recorded. Recordings can be updated by phone so you can keep the latest info posted without having to log in on a computer.


This is what your audiopal widget will look like:

Zemanta and LastFM

March 24th, 2009

Zemanta today announced on the Zemanta blog, that through a partnership with last-fm, you can now add a last-fm widget to a blog post with a simple drag-N-drop from the Zemanta browser add-on.


As of today, you’ll find a new widget in Zemanta Gallery – musicians radio widget, that allows you to directly embed their radio station into your blog posts. It doesn’t play just that artist, but also similar artist to them. Support is not only limited to widgets as music related links now also have that musicians or album page as linking option.

The widget will look just like this. There are four basic color choices and you can choose between two different sizes. (this is the big one) There is also an auto-play feature but that annoys a large number of people so I would suggest skipping that option.

I’m not currently using Zemanta so I am not sure whether or not all of the customization options are available through the Zemanta interface.

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