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Automattic Acquires PollDaddy

October 16th, 2008

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Automattic, parent company of wordpress, akismet, and now also Intense Debate announced recently that they will be acquiring PollDaddy. the reason?. because Matt Mullenweg  is obsessed with polling. well. that is a good reason as any. then of course the justification to that obsession is that Polling remains one of the favorite things for WordPress users according to Matt and it has always remained one of the Top Ten Plugins. so having a polldaddy is a no brainer because polldaddy remains the top poll widget provider even if now got some seriously fierce competition from other really great polling widgets like Quibblo, Poll Boutique and Poll authority.

PollDaddy has been doing all kind of stuff with polls and the most amazing thing about it is that it is run by two irish blokes. that is right. two guys from Ireland. that is some serious bootstrapping. one of the most notorious too. the only example that could possible top it would be PlentyOfFish and the only other Widget Startup i can think of that is as bootstrapped as Polldaddy would be RateItAll.

Congratulations to the guys at polldaddy for this. and WordPress has already integrated  PollDaddy Widgets to and has released a plugin version of polldaddy for self hosted blogs.

Just like with Intense Debate. there will be integration but the service will remain open for all. this should be a good wake up call for the other players in terms of Poll Widgets. it is time to update and adapt in order to have a better competition now that polldaddy is no longer independent. more now that ever because Polldaddy while agile will surely have quite a bit of a slowdown while adapting to this new way of doing things. a slowdown i had already previously noted and that was exactly what allowed the competing Widgets to gain ground.


via Matt Mullenweg blog and Polldaddy Blog

IntenseDebate acquired by Automattic

September 26th, 2008

The second commentosphere wars heats up with a plot twist. IntenseDebate. an alternative comment system for blogs that competes with Disqus, SezWho and JS-KIT got acquired by Automattic. the company behind WordPress, Buddypress and Akismet. the argument behind the acquisition was pinpointed to the similar backend  WordPress and IntenseDebate got according to Matt Mullenweg.

While there is no doubt that it is true. i am also sure that the other main reason had to be the price. Intensedebate had no chance to catching up to Disqus and JS-KIT that are now in a competition war with one another. JS-KIT maintains the lead followed by a Disqus that counts with good founding and a good team along some pretty high profile blogs using their software. I.D being acquired by Automattic changes everything for Disqus and is a serious threat in the short term  for them. but more to Disqus than to JS-KIT. this is because Disqus main focus up to now is WordPress. JS-KIT supports pretty much everything and were more interested in and Blog Networks because that is where the big numbers are. this sudden move proves them right. IntenseDebate will find its way into WordPress from version 2.7 and on. there is no news right now that indicates how the level of integration and support will vary or if it will vary from the features they got now. but it is some serious bad news for Disqus and SezWho in the WordPress front because users will not have a reason to change the default comment system for other.

WordPress 2.7 is the stepping stone that paves way to 3.0. a version that is said will be the slayer of Six Apart and will aim to dethrone quite high goals but a radical change for the comment system is a great selling point to gain more adepts. this move will be also dangerous in the long run if it finally manages that and the other main Blog Platforms finally update their pretty outdates comment systems. that to this day remains to be weakest point.

This also leaves SezWho in a odd spot. i wish someone will recognize the opportunity and acquires them next. that could be anybody. from Google to Six Apart or maybe Disqus or JS-KIT.

Overall a great thing. Default Blog Comment Systems are seriously lacking and they have been that way for years. this move by WordPress should shake things up for the greater good.


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