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So Long Widgets Lab, Thanks For Everything

October 25th, 2009

I had a great time at this Blog. Enough for me to have written 900 posts for it (875 published) as Widgets Lab Lead Blogger and at one point in time i can say i saw it grow 10 times the size in reach from when i started in it.

But today i say thanks for everything to Derek Anderson, Thanks for everything to all Widgets Lab readers for having me and writing to me via comments and e-mail.

I don’t want to promote myself here, so if you want to find me just look for me at Twitter (@AvatarX)

So Long and Goodbye.

I leave the floor to my friend Derek.

One Year and 500 blog posts in

July 25th, 2008

or Widgets Lab Avatar`s Blog Post  #500


Quite hard to believe that a whole year has passed since i joined Derek into Widgets Lab and i first introduced myself to this blog.

Many things have changed since then. i have not yet managed to revive Bloggeratto completely or unveil my personal blog again but i did completed the transition from working in a business i had (cybercafe/ repair shop/ pc building) to live of Writing and of the web. so my main goal was archived in that year that has passed.

But not only a year has passed. just a little over a year and i managed to do 500 posts into this blog. not bad at all but it is interesting to note that i did half of that amount in the last 4 months alone when i started to take over  for the most part from Derek for reasons is not my right to say but his.

Just a month ago we reached 1000 blog posts in Widgets Lab and since that has happened i have seen the blog keeping up to the promise of growing at a 1% a day goal i had set for it. something that makes me very happy.

We are now really really close to get the new Widgets Lab on track and finally take sponsorships that should go fast because i am going to set them at a low price and there will only be 10 of them. if you want to inquiry me on that. you can do so at  [email protected]

There is still some surprises and now we look forward to the second anniversary of Widgets Lab in the fall. so the blog is not going anywhere. it will get a even faster posting pace, more original content with a even better quality (will edit and re-edit to make that possible if needed)

I do not take lightly how insane the Widget market has become and how the lines on what a widget is are blurring more and more. that is something i plan to take on without diluting the focus of this blog. more announcements to follow later.

Thank You for a year of good Blogging Experience. now lets go for a even better second one.

(unless Derek fires me or something)


Widgets Lab Status for April 08

April 7th, 2008

I wanted to make a short heads up to everyone on what is happening with Widgets Lab and where is Derek, Widgets Lab Founder and Lead Blogger.

Derek is the voice

First of all, Derek has not gone anywhere. while brief, you can still see his posts, it is just that he is quite busy lately in his day job, but no worries, he is not going anywhere and i have not replaced him as some messages i received implied. i am just taking care of the Blog because that is what he trusted me to do but Derek is still at charge and always will be in charge of Widgets Lab.

The Blog beats hard, we will make it beat faster.

We have been thinking on the blog and how to improve it and we have done what we thought is best as the Blog has grown at a sure, even if slow pace. now, we have decided it`s time to start accelerating the process so we will revamp Widgets Lab little by little so it gets better,  faster and can offer even more content.

Advertising in Widgets Lab

Widgets Lab continues to receive advertising. so please inquire if interested, we maintain that we are the biggest and most up to date widget related blog right now and we will continue to be so.
Widgets lab reaches a very focused and desirable niche market that is seeing a incredible growth and that is getting so big that it has become our greatest motivation to up the pace soon, so we can keep up with it.

Considering this, we are gonna also revamp out advertising options and pricing structure with more ways to serve advertising to the interested  and to offer more value at a lower cost in this very focused niche market we are in. That doesn’t`t mean you have to wait to ask, you can inquire now.

The Future is reaching us faster

In the time  Widgets Lab has existed, the landscape of widgets has changed dramatically and the lines on what is a widget have been blurred so much, we even got mixed terms like Widget-App and Widgetized Apps to try to put sense to them. and not only that. they have jumped from being a web only thing to be everywhere, to the desktop, to mobiles and into Hardware. We know this.

And that is why we are covering those angles too and will find a way to better convey and categorize widgets in those contexts, so that calls for the renovation of the blog and extending the way you can find and interact with the posts. we know that and that has been considered.

Looking up to later

We got surprises this year for the blog and I hope everyone interested in widgets jumps on for the ride.

Thanks. I hope this answers your questions as regular visitors or as participants of the widgetsphere.


Pijoo The new MyBlogLog

November 18th, 2007

pijoo is a new blog community with an avatar widget

pijoo-logo.jpg is a new blogging community that just opened in early November 2007.
Their slogan is “Where Bloggers meet”.


Pijoo is a very simple and easy to use community service. But don’t let that fool you. I can see that the service will be very popular as a way to promote your work and socialize with fellow bloggers.

The site
The layout is very easy to navigate. Tabs are used to easily flip through the various pages on the site. This allows you to view other bloggers profiles, send them messages and add them as friends. You can also create and join groups for discussion of specific topics.
All of this creates a very visible and open community, where bloggers can network and socialize.

Yahoo would do well to take a hard look at pijoo and consider some changes to the current incarnation of MyBlogLog.

Pijoo also has a paid membership ($30 lifetime) They refer to this as a “Sponsor” account. This paid account opens up a few more options to the members such as ability to add unlimited blogs to your account. Also priority listing on the ‘blogs’ page, detailed blog traffic stats, Ability to ‘broadcast’ messages to the network and more.

The pijoo blog widget is similar to the MyBlogLog widget. It displays the avatar of visitors from the pijoo network. It also links to each visitors pijoo profile page as well as allowing you to join their community. The widget also links to the main page.
This widget is an Iframe so it won’t work on Myspace. But it should work on most blogs and websites.
There are two color options, black and white. There are two sizes to choose from as well.

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