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May 24th, 2011

Blackberry (RIM) offers a wide array of smartphone solutions for the person that demands quality and functionality.

Best mobile App store Getjar

November 22nd, 2010

Getjar has Apps for all smartphones

Getjar is the ultimate App destination for cross platform smartphone apps. Nearly all current smartphones are supported and are provided with a list of apps that can be installed with the touch of a button. Getjar will generally identify your phone for you when you show up to the mobile enabled site. This is a major convenience to those who are sick of having to type device information just to get correct results.

Currently there are 17007 apps available in the Getjar app store, with many more on the way.

News today of the facebook app achieving 103,715,499 downloads. WOW!

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Kik for mobile only works when others have it as well

November 6th, 2010

Kik IM app for mobile is hot!

I have seen some refer to kik as a cross-platform IM app for Android, iPhone & Blackberry and this is true. It does work on devices from these three manufacturers. However, you can only IM your contacts, provided they are also using kik. There is no sending a message to someone on MSM, Yahoo, gTalk etc…

kik is experiencing explosive growth!

Zero to a Million in 15 Days

What an incredible couple of weeks. We re-launched Kik Messenger 15 days ago with 0 users, and at 12:43 PM EST today, we signed up our 1,000,000th user. We didn’t expect this. We didn’t ask for it. But we couldn’t be happier or more excited.

We are humbled and honored that so many people around the world have embraced Kik. For that, we can only say thank you to all our users. Every hour, 25,000 more people are discovering that Kik’s blazing fast, reliable and inexpensive data messaging is light years ahead of slow, unreliable, and expensive SMS messaging.

kik plans to add more features.

We have an aggressive plan to roll out new features, while always making sure to maintain Kik’s original simplicity and elegance. This will come in three releases. Let’s call them Perfect Daisy, 1,000 Words, and Sneaky Rhino.

Perfect Daisy: an incredibly simple, yet perfect flower. We think Kik Messenger is pretty close to the mark, but there’s always room for improvement. So we will further optimize battery usage, simplify user registration and fix a few minor bugs (which you probably never even noticed). We’ll also add a block feature, which will allow users to block contacts from their Kik address list.

1,000 Words: a picture is worth – well, you know! We will take Kik, and add profile pictures and picture messaging. This will let Kiksters customize their profile on Kik, and expand the meaning of connecting in real time. Not only can you instantly share what you are feeling, but now you will also be able to instantly share what you are seeing. Very cool.

Sneaky Rhino: for this, you will just have to wait and see. How would you feel if you turned around, and there was a rhino 10 feet away? We think you’ll get the same feeling when you get this release. It will take Kik, and using an incredibly powerful technology we have developed over the last 16 months, wirelessly connect your smartphone to any PC or TV. This is where Kik will expand from being just an app, to a whole new, all encompassing social platform – with music too. We can’t share more than that, but when you see it, we think you’ll agree.

Get kik

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LiveProfile IM app for mobile

October 28th, 2010

LiveProfile is a better IM app!

LiveProfile is an IM app that will make you feel right at home if you are missing your old BBM. (BlackBerry Messenger) This app is currently in BETA and is currently FREE.
Not sure if it will remain FREE. The developer is currently working on a version for iPhone and BlackBerry as well.

What is LiveProfile?

LiveProfile is the best way to stay connected with friends. LiveProfile is a messenger and social utility designed for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone.

BBM for Android or iPhone?

Upgraded from your BlackBerry? Having BlackBerry Messenger withdrawal? LiveProfile is your fix with many of the same BBM features and more.

Get LiveProfile for Android

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