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PostRank Top Posts Widget

January 3rd, 2009


PostRank was originally used as the tech name of AideRSS. i posted about AideRSS back when it came out and even included a little interview with one of the Developers that happened to be a good online friend of mine. that was 9 months ago and they have come a long way since then. they even decided to change the name of the Widget to be named like the tech behind it. so it is now simply named PostRank.


The new widget got a little over 2 weeks old and now includes search along with a new more pleasant design. search is indeed a great addition because it allows for better user engagement with the widget and gives it more purpose turning it into a real utility widget instead of just display widget.  they got a new  widget page and the widget is fast to configure and customize.


You enter the blog domain or feed and it will show you a instant live preview of the widget while you set the colors and the number of posts you want to display in it.


Unfortunately. the PostRank Widget is still just JavaScript based and you can only count on 2 quick install options, one advanced option if you are using WordPress and the generic JS code for you to use in the sidebar. i truly wish they had a Flash or Silverlight based version of the widget. it would make it more appealing. the customization also leaves a lot to be desired and there is no way to adjust the size of the widget properly.

So, while it is a good widget. i feel it needs a little work to be what it should be and more options to be something great instead of something that can go from OK to Good depending what your Blog Platform is.

PostRank Widget

Entrecard puts itself for sell then retreats. Real or Marketing Stunt?

October 1st, 2008


Over a week ago. Entercard, the blog traffic exchange Widget Badge was put itself for sale in the Sitepoint Marketplace for a minimum price of $100,000.

Mircea Goia at TheNextWeb blog wrote about it puzzled by the why someone would sell entrecard instead of invest on it more. why puzzled?. because entrecard is doing quite well:

Entrecard was basically founded as a traffic exchange service for bloggers (English language only). It launched 11 months ago and now it has about 20,000 blogs in its network delivering about 80 million impressions a month. The core product is the widget network, which serves 125×125 advertising across 56 vertical channels in the blogosphere. They also developed a Firefox toolbar used by our bloggers/publishers to visit other sites, purchase advertising, and pack the power of the site into the browser. This toolbar is used by 7000 bloggers so they claim.

According to Sitepoint’s post Entrecard has about 85,000 unique visitors a month (growing at a rate of 18%/month – no marketing) and 3,25 million pageviews/month. But showssomething else.

So, it don`t matter if compete numbers are not entirely accurate. if you got a growth graphic like that one.  you don`t just sell right?. Right!. Graham Langdon (Entrecard owner) retreated from the idea and now says it is more committed to it than before.

Not only that but now they are looking to hire a Content Correspondant, came up with a serious update to their business model and also announced a Partnership with OIO Publishing for Blog Advertising..

That means it went from looking for a quick exit for as low as 100k to get some serious boost in less than one week. now it could be worth as much as 1 million dlls based on those simple changes. quite fishy. but if it was indeed marketing it was a wildcard. using it once and in the way it was used was pretty smart. as with most wildcards. you only get to use them once. so even if Entrecard would end up for sale next year. now it is obvious it would be able to get as much as 1 million. this is not the first time a Startup does that trick. but it is the first time for a widget startup as far as i can remember.

I do like Entrecard because it is simple and it is not a heavy widget to put. so it does represent one of the best  Blog Traffic Exchange options currently present for Bloggers.


LETS101 Blog Quiz Badges and Bling for MySpace

September 4th, 2008

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A lot of people cannot get enough of Quizzes and Blog Bling  or Myspace Bling. LETS101 got a perfect selection of all those things for those interested. it almost shocking how many they got:

What Is My Blog Rated?

Find out your blog film rating. We intensely scrutinize your page’s content to rate it G, PG, PG-13, R or NC-17. Enter your URL and find out its rating!

Generate The Badge For Your Blog And Profiles

Create Virtual Gifts For Your Blog and Myspace Profile!

Create a basket full of gifts and stick it on your blog and myspace profile and let your visitors collect the gifts! Its really fun 🙂

Create Gift-Basket To Stick On Your Blog and Myspace Profile

What Do My Stars Say About Me?

Check out what do your stars and zodiac signs have to say about your personality, nature and the kind of person you are. Most people find it amazingly accurate!

Generate The Zodiac Badge For Your Blog And Profiles

My Music Type

What is your music type? Rock, DJ Mix, Classic, Jazz… based on the kind of music you prefer generate your meme…

Generate The ‘My Music Type’ Badge For Your Blogs And Myspace Profile

Loves ME Loves ME NOT

You like someone, but don’t know whats in her or his mind? Afraid your advances can spoil a good friendship? We have the solution! We have designed Break The Ice program specially for these situations!

Find out whats in her or his mind!

What Kind of Chinese Animal Am I?

Check out what kind of Chinese zodiac animal you are and what does it mean to your personality and your nature. Most people find it truly amazing!

Generate The Zodiac Badge For Your Blog And Myspace Profiles

How Many Cigarettes Can Kill One Year Of My Life?

We all know Smoking is injurious to health, but have you ever wondered how much? A single cigarette reduces 10 to 15 minutes of life of a very healthy person. For women and for obese people it’s even worst. As per WHO every 6.5 seconds a person dies due to smoking. Check out how many cigarettes can reduce One year of your life…

Generate The Badge and Stick to Your Blog And Profiles to Create Awareness Against Smoking

How Addicted to Blogging am I ?

Do you love to blog? Do you love to read other’s blogs? You wakeup in the morning with blog in your mind? You got some idea or topic , the first thing comes to your mind is to blog it? Hmm… Blogging is really addictive and more and more people in the world are getting addicted to it! Find out how addicted you are to blogging.

Blogger, WordPress, Myspace, Technorati…. You Are Addicted, Now Find Out How Much…

Who Are My Compatible Zodiacs?

Check out which zodiac signs are best suited for you. Compare the result with the zodiac of friends and people you already know, you will be amazed!

Generate The Compatible Zodiacs Badge To Paste On Your Blog And Profiles

What Are My Lucky Colors?

Check out the colors lucky for you based on Numerology. It may help you in deciding colors of your new car, house, walls, curtains, clothes etc

Generate The Beautiful Color Badge For Your Blog And Myspace Profiles

How Much Is My Blog Worth?

Yes your blog, webpage or profile can be worth thousands of $$$, enter your page URL and find out its worth!

Generate The Poster For Your Blog And Profiles

Addictive Content In My Personality?

Ever wondered why some people are like drugs that others just can’t live without them? It is the addictive content in their personality which makes others addicted to them. Take the quiz and find out how much addictive content your personality contains.

Take The Quiz To Find Out

What Are My Lucky Numbers?

Check out the numbers lucky for you based on ancient Numerology. It’s always good to know these numbers…

Generate The Numerology Badge For Your Blog And Myspace Profiles

My Sex Appeal

Want to know how sexually appealing you are? Take the quiz and find out. More the sex appeal more the opposite sexes attract to you.

Find Out How Sexually Appealing You Are

Can I Be The America’s President?

What do all Presidents so far have in common? Do you need unique qualities to reach the President post or just very simple but clear mindset and an urge? Take the quiz and find out if you have the qualities to be the President of America one day.

Take the Quiz To Know

How Many People Fall In Love With Me?

Ever wondered how many people fall in love with you and unknowingly how many hearts you break? Yes the probability of opposite sexes falling in love with you depends on some aspects of your physique and most aspects of your personality. It is always good to know this number to confidently approach the one you like.

Find Out How Many Guys/Girls Fall In Love With You

And there you go. lots of these quizzes. i did the post because many of you readers wrote to me asking for these kind of things. so i hope this makes those who asked pleased and that it can be something others can like.

*The content write ups are in quotes so i didn`t was the one who wrote them*

Romlet Widget

August 21st, 2008


Sometimes the explanation given in the Widget page write up is actually concise and short enough to deserve quoting. this the case of RomLet:

What is Romlet?

Romlet boasts your best site stats and provides both tools and incentives for visitors to boost your popularity. This simple but powerful widget is a brag badge, bookmarking tool and stats counter all rolled into one. Romlet is continually updated to display current on-site information to you and your readers. It also provides relevant and updated bookmarking buttons to make voting for your site as easy as possible. You can customize your Romlet widget, easily setting the text, colors and content displayed.


Romlet service could be compared a little to criteo or blogburst in the way it works. but given that it also works as a stats counter, you could also compare it with MyBlogLog in its pre-yahoo days. it is worth a try because it is tiny and it could show worthwhile for small blogs to get some extra traffic.


via Kelly Brown

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