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Networkedblogs uses Facebook to create blog social network

March 30th, 2010 is a blog writers social network that leverages Facebook and the Facebook app engine to create a MyBlogLog or BlogCatalog style network.

The similarities in the widget extend to Google Friend Connect and the Facebook Fan widget. is an extension of the NetworkedBlogs Facebook Application to make our user-generated blog directory accessible outside Facebook and provide more exposure to our blogs.

This web site is still in it’s early stages. And, currently, it only provides a subset of the information that we offer inside Facebook. With time, we plan to add more features and more information.

A Facebook account is required to participate in the Networkedblogs network. You will need to utilize a Facebook app ( in order to join. At that point, you can grab the widget and embed it into your blog.

This is a JavaScript widget and it displays what appears to be Facebook profile images.

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Gigya Socialize: A Widget Driven Social Graph?

June 4th, 2008


It had been awhile without Gigya News. since their last big deal and the raising of money. but gigya was not sitting still. they are going for the gold. they are now offering Gigya Socialize.

A sort of Friend Connect + Lifestreaming + Social messaging effort for sites. it is pretty much MyBlogLog 2.0 because they bring the Social Network into your Blog and because Gigya goals a very different than MyBlogLog that is more of a Blog Social Networking service and gigya is about the Widgets and being a whole other kind of enabler for blogs.

To say the idea is interesting would be a understatement. Gigya Socialize could make many scenarios possible and the first one is about having a Exo Social Network in your blog in a way no one had thought of. and that things like MyBlogLog because of its ties to yahoo is still very far off to be able to archive what gigya could .

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Other more interesting scenarios comes for their Widget Advertising network partners that could easily be part of a Beacon-like project.

But my favorite possibility is that gigya may be able to really extend advertising into blogs on a whole new way along make possible to have other kind of  Social Graphed Widgets later on.

Gigya Socialize idea is a good one and the reflection of the times after the main social networks went pushing for the whole Contact Sharing into the mainstream and also because social messaging, microblogging and lifestreaming continue to be fresh yet to reach climax trends.

So, it is is worth a try to form a site specific social sphere connected to main social stream that could bring surprises in some months. more on gigya  and gigya socialize to come.

Gigya Socialize

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