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Blogger for Android

February 4th, 2011

Yes, it is true that you can finally post to Blogger from your Android device. I know there are a few out there that sort of complain that it took too long for Google to create this app. You need to understand that Google has many irons in the fire and Blogger on Android probably wasn’t a priority like Gmail, Voice, Maps etc.

I do know that there are many more users of Blogger on Android today than there were just 1 year ago. Even 6 months has added countless more Android users that might use Blogger. I know my wife will appreciate this when i can convince Sprint to replace that shitty WinMo 6.5 touch Pro 2.

Anyhow…I am installing this app as we speak (from the new page)

I have used the app to make my first post to one of my old Blogger pages. Check it out.

I wasn’t too sure how to preview the page of verify the photo that I took for the post was actually placed in the post until I saw the completed post on the site.

Seems to have worked very well! There is a ‘View Blog’ button in the Blogger menu that will allow you to see the blog that you are publishing to. However…I could find no ‘post preview’ capabilities.

Overall, I would say that this is a very satisfying app that will allow you to easily update your Blogger blog from your Android device.

Get the Blogger app fro Android

Google Checkout Store Gadget

August 10th, 2009


The concept of a Store in a Widget, is something i started talking about 2 years ago when i did a post about Widgets you could use to sell your stuff. Some months after that came the Paypal Storefront Widget. Something that Google is directly responding with this new Google Checkout Store Gadget.


So they are responding to something that Paypal already did almost year and a half ago. But as i said back then, The things needed to be resolved are around how to use the widget, and that is what Google is bringing to the table here.  You use Google Docs as your Store Management Dashboard. Google Gives you a Landing Page you can use as a Store Website. You can use a Blogger Powered Blog and quickly add this Gadget thanks to Blogger’s Page Elements foundation. This also means that if you got several blogs you can add the Gadget in all of them. If you got Friends that use Blogger and don’t mind displaying your little store. They can add it with a single click and help you out.


So those are the powerful additions that Paypal don’t gives you and the fact that Google Checkout is now also a recognizable enough brand that carries along one of the most recognizable brands that is Google itself turns it appealing . So maybe is time for Paypal to revisit the Storefront Widget and make it better.

The instructions to use the Gadget are pretty self explanatory in its page and now the only thing for google is to come with more versions and different ways to use this so it can be even more tempting for people to use over a Paypal branded solution. But for a first version it is actually a very good E-Store Gadget.

Google Checkout Store Gadget

via RWW

Amberjack Blog Tour Overlay Widget

June 29th, 2009


Amberjack is a useful idea to replace or enhance your About page in your blog. It is meant as a way to demo important parts or important posts in your blog. while giving out a short description on why the part/post in question is important/representative of your blog.


A simple,yet versatile idea to enhance the user experience in your blog visitors.the tour is not forced and it is opt-in, so no user will be annoyed in the process. it is meant for those curious enough about your blog to call up the widget.


The Widget is skinnable and comes with 6 default skins to try out. you can make your own if you know CSS in order to get the look to your liking.


But i think the best feature is that you can even quickly add a embedded video, form or audio to your widget making it even more useful and personal.


To get the Amberjack widget for your blog or website you use a simple wizard form in the Amberjack site. no need of registration, no nothing. it is there right away for use it and get your widget code to go.

Amberjack is free and open source so you can use it and modify it to your liking without any worry. i personally like the widget idea and think anyone with a blog should try it out.


via OStatic

Star Trek Movie Official Widget

January 20th, 2009


Even considering i am not a Star Trek fan by any means. i can say that the Star Trek Movie Official Widget is one of the best promo widgets i have seen so far..

From the fact the widget has it`s own page. the information for the widget is explained timely and in a simple fashion. it focus on showing that you can share the widget and to which services.


That is only about the Widget page. the widget is even better. you can play the trailers, check photo galleries, check downloadable content, skin your widget with your favorite Star Trek character. pretty much everything you could want in a promo widget that is also well designed and thought from the navigation to its design.

But another thing i found great is that it also lets you watch the widget content in full screen without all ever leaving the widget. as i also mentioned it got great pride in showing where you share the widget

And the in-widget High Spread Sharing module is everything you would ever want. it don`t says who made this widget. but to whoever that did it. my hats off to you. this is how promo widgets should always be.


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