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California Budget Problem Widget From The Governator

February 2nd, 2009


Properly called “Legislature’s Failure to Act” widget comes from Arnold Schwarzenegger also known as “The Governator” and tells you how bad is California Budget Problem and calls for Awareness on the issue.

The widget badge is a good form factor and gives a lot more of  a impact than a Active Badge and it also allows for the badge to better tracked and to spread faster. that is a good reason to use a widget and good way to use one too.

The Widget comes from Clearspring and it counts with a really compact adaptation of Lunchpad that is their High Spread Sharing Module. if you are in California is a interesting enough widget to look into. just click the “Get & Share” link in the widget to grab the widget.

Star Trek Movie Official Widget

January 20th, 2009


Even considering i am not a Star Trek fan by any means. i can say that the Star Trek Movie Official Widget is one of the best promo widgets i have seen so far..

From the fact the widget has it`s own page. the information for the widget is explained timely and in a simple fashion. it focus on showing that you can share the widget and to which services.


That is only about the Widget page. the widget is even better. you can play the trailers, check photo galleries, check downloadable content, skin your widget with your favorite Star Trek character. pretty much everything you could want in a promo widget that is also well designed and thought from the navigation to its design.

But another thing i found great is that it also lets you watch the widget content in full screen without all ever leaving the widget. as i also mentioned it got great pride in showing where you share the widget

And the in-widget High Spread Sharing module is everything you would ever want. it don`t says who made this widget. but to whoever that did it. my hats off to you. this is how promo widgets should always be.


Mooncake Viewer: DeepZoom Enabled Silverlight Photo Album Widget Generator

January 20th, 2009


Mooncake Viewer is a very special photo album widget generator. it can generate DeepZoom Enabled Silverlight Widgets like PhotoZoom with several differences:

I.-You don`t have to upload a thing

Because it can do it from a online Photostream. either from Flickr or SmugMug.

II.-You can choose the Photos you want in the Widget right from a online photo service

It don`t add the whole Photostream or the latest photos. you get to choose what photos you want in the Photo Album Widget

II.-You get a way more featured and better designed Photo Album Widget

forget about the classic Deepzoom Wall configuration. Mooncake can generate that effect and 3 more to play with within the widget. you can filter the picture to show from a tag filter and you can jump from widget to full screen with the known silverlight ease.

Now. the only thing you need to do is to go to the Mooncake Viewer Website and do the following:

1.-Choose your Account Name and Photo Service


Choose the service you have a account with and then enter your username. you can also use anyone else username. so if you have know the username of a photographer you like or from a friend. you can also put that one in. Mooncake Viewer does not ask you for any other credentials.

2.-Select which photos from your Photostream you want to use in your Mooncake Viewer


In this case i entered Thomas Hawk photostream and selected some photos at random. be aware that the number of photos you select will affect the time you will have to wait in order for them to be converted in DeepZoom enabled images that are going to be used in the Silverlight Widget

3.- Review the Photos you choose and confirm for conversion


As i said before.the number of photos you choose. will determine how long will you wait. you cannot edit your widget after you have confirmed for selection without starting everything from zero. so choose with conviction

4.-Have patience while you wait


After confirming you photo choices. you only will have to wait for your widget to be finally rendered. this can take a while depending on your selection. while the page don`t states how long it takes. i measured the time with several and tries and i estimate it can take from 10 to 20 seconds per pciture. so if you choose 10 pictures. you Mooncake Viewer should take at least two and a half minutes or up to five minutes depending how busy the server is.

5.-Check out your Widget and copy your widget code.


It is worth the wait since it is a free service, the widget rocks and because you can just do something else in other tabs while the task is done. you don`t have to worry for the widget page to time out. just don`t forget to get the code before closing that tab because you don`t get a landing page for the widget you can track.

The only thing i would like the widget to have is a option to choose the size of the widget, that it could have a different form factor. other than that. it is of the best you can get when it comes to Photo Album Widgets.

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Mooncake Viewer

Hard Rock DeepZoom Silverlight Widgets

January 20th, 2009


One of the first things that were showed back in Mix08 was the Hard Rock Memorabilia site that is a big wall of Musicians Memorabilia DeepZoom enabled and powered by Silverlight. back then Silverlight 2 was just a Beta and the site was a little rough. but it appears that they had quite a update when Silverlight 2 was officially released. now the site works marvelously cross browser and cross platform. but so does the widgets.


Yes. that is right. now can have a widget out of the memorabilia of the artist you like if that is your desire. for example i will embed  Buddy Holly Glasses here in order to demo how does that looks.

The Memorabilia Widgets can only contain a item at a time and there is no size customization (you would have to set that by hand in the code). that is a shame. i truly wish you could share by artist too and had more customization choices.. but at least the widgets work very well and they look nice. they are also a must if you like the DeepZoom effect.

To get the widgets. just visit the Hard Rock memorabilia site and click to zoom in to a individual object to see the share option.

Hard Rock Memorabilia

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