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Uservoice Feedback Lightbox Enabled Widget Badge

January 12th, 2009


Uservoice is a Feedback Service that can be easily compared with Get Satisfaction. more now that Get Satisfaction also offer a Lightbox Enabled Widget Badge just like the one uservoice became known for. not that lightboxes were not a already very well known effect. but it had not been used for that kind of focused use previously to uservoice use of it. but even when both uservoice and Get Satisfaction are mean to be used a easy ways to provide feedback. uservoice got a business plan and it is pretty much focused on it as a commercial and paid service that can be used for either a small business or a corporation.

But that don`t means you cannot use their free version for your blog or your little business if you don`t mind the limitations of the free version. another very particular thing uservoice had from the let go, was that they focused their brand awareness and the main driving force to its service identity into a Widget. this has of course proven to be great for them from what i have seen as i mentioned even the competition is now offering what they offer even if with another focus entirely.

To put Uservoice to work for you in the free version you only need to join the service and then generate a feedback tab like this one.


This feedback tab can be activated in a click and with that it will bring up the Widget Badge within a Lightbox. the badge will then show up the most popular or active feedback thread given about your site, propose the use to give its own feedback or to leave a message directly using the feedback badge.




Once you have finished checking out the badge or sending a message. you can simply click anywhere outside the badge to close it down.  as you can see this is a good service to have a central repository of feedback and ideas left by your service users or blog readers. all in a place where you can respond and manage them while keeping them open for all to see. and if your service or blog gets to grow and you suddenly need more control and personalization. you then only need to upgrade the uservoice paid service and that will be it.

My only caveats with uservoice is that i feel it is not open enough and fast enough. i would like it if people would be able to vote from the widget badge and if it would be possible to even write comments to the ideas without even having to be registered. but gladly enough. i can get to fill my suggestions directly and publicly to them by using their own service with them and so can you.


Hulu Powered Splashcast Embeddable Content Channels

December 30th, 2008


Some weeks ago, Splashcast announced that they would be building special Splashcast Embeddable channels with Hulu Content. a lot of these channels went live right with the announcement. but they have been evolving since then. that is the greatest point for those Widget Channels. they evolve.


Many wondered the why of a Splashcast partnership since Hulu already has some really good Widgets. the reason is Facebook and General Spread.  the best positioned space for Splashcast is still Facebook and the fact it uses Gigya Wildfire for its High Spread Sharing. this gives Hulu extra lanes to distribute Hulu influence and in the case of Splashcast. it gets them not only a great gig but also better brand visibility. the same that should result in more white list gigs.

And while Splashcast also highlights MySpace as one of the main ways to use the widget. Hulu already got its bases covered there. so Facebook + Else is the biggest win for Hulu.

I think that should make it clear enough why it is a win-win for both. but from the user side. it is also a good choice since you can expect a quality widget and you can expect be able to take the widget without any effort to pretty much all of the relevant online destination thanks to gigya.

I like Splashcast Widget Channels. but i really wish if they were more customizable and offered lite versions of them. but as a fully featured media widget. it does the job and it does it well.

SplashCast Widget Channels URL Shortener Gmail Gadget

December 15th, 2008 is a URL shortener with stats and a social edge for those that like to share links around social messaging services or via IM but want to keep track of how many actual hits the link shared got and also to keep a score of the links shared. i would consider it the best URL shortener around.


And as you know. you can now use gadgets in gmail too. This is simply a gmail gadget so you can also easily track your shared links via gmail too.  and that is a certainly useful gadget if you pass a lot of your day in your e-mail account.

Here is how to install it:   

Go to Settings > Labs
Scroll down to the very bottom and click the radio button to enable “Add any gadget by URL”
Click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page
You should now have a gadgets tab at the top of the settings page. Click it.
In the “Add a gadget by its URL:” box paste this link:
Click “add” and you’re done.

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Gmail Gadget For Google Desktop

December 15th, 2008

Google Desktop

Google Desktop got finally good back in September. at least for Windows users and now if you are in Windows you can enjoy of having a quick view Gmail gadget for it too.


The gadget looks good and everything about seems to be peachy minus the part it don`t has more “obvious” way to make itself notable like sound and big email counter signs that are what users of these kind of widgets usually want. but it works well and there is not like there were a lot of options to begin with. much less official ones.

Gmail Gadget for Google Desktop (windows only)

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