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FOREX widget from Widgipedia

May 14th, 2009

A nice little FOREX (Foreign Currency Exchange) widget for your investment themed blog.

The All in One Widget comes from collection of widgets at

The widget below is set at 300 px by 300 px. Some of the news story briefs are hard to read at this size. But the linked headlines are easily read.
All functions appear contained within the widget itself. This helps keep readers from leaving your site! All in One Widget

lemonade stand Set up and sell

November 24th, 2007

Use this widget to sell to your readers

lemonade-stand-logo.jpg offers a revenue share store front where you can select a general category of products to sell to your readers. The product list includes offerings from major retailers such as Wal Mart, Netflix, At&t iTunes and more.

Lemonade says that you, as the publisher and promoter of your stand, will earn 80% of the commission from each sale. Your PayPal account will be credited each time you reach $10 in earned commission. Some of the wording on the Lemonade site indicated that you might be paid simply for clicks on products without an actual purchase. Maybe I am reading this incorrectly.
So here is the text as found on the Lemonade site:

Visitors to your web page or profile will see your lemonade stand and click on the products and offers that you recommend. Each time a visitor clicks on or buys something from your lemonade stand, you make money. As a lemonade stand owner, you keep 80% of all revenue generated (from retailer commissions, leads and referrals, and advertising placements from your stand and we keep 20% for setting up all of this stuff and making it super easy for you. When you reach a minimum balance of $10.00 we will credit your account via PayPal.

Flash widget
The Lemonade Stand is a Flash widget. So it is conceivable that you can earn money right from your Myspace page. Lemonade comes with Facebook integration built right in. So now you can easily earn a few $$ from your Facebook profile.

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