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Google adds chat to Translator toolkit

January 7th, 2010

Knowing that collaboration is a very important aspect to development of any kind, Google has added chat functionality to the Google Translator Toolkit.

Wonder if they considered Wave integration?

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Oggchat offers FREE website chat integrated with gmail

January 5th, 2010

Oggchat is a “live” website chat solution that integrates with Google Talk and Gmail.

Simply put. You sign up for an account (Free and Fee based) and set some parameters. Then you paste the Oggchat code into your website and start offering realtime solutions to your customers.

I suspect one drawback would be that Oggchat integration is only available through Google Talk/gmail. So any website organization that isn’t currently using Google will need to create a Google account in order to utilize the Oggchat service. (I am not 100% sure on this as I have not signed up for the service and there is no indication of integration with other IM clients.)

Oggchat says:

OggChat is unique among live chat solutions. It incorporates a customizable client chat window for your website but routes all chat requests to your operators’ GMail accounts. No additional client software is required and you can chat right from GMail or from your Google Talk client.

I can say this though…Gmail does offer awesome features for small business/blog writers. Creating a Google account in order to utilize Oggchat couldn’t hurt.

Olark: A Very Accessible Chat Widget For Sites

October 1st, 2009


This is a widget i actually already had reviewed under other name. The widget was called and you can read the review as the widget olark now offer is essentially the very same one. the big difference is that now they also offer the feature of creating instant chat rooms for your website without having to visit the homepage of your website. This is a feature i first saw from chatango quite a while ago (2006) .and that Olark now got too.



The photos are Real Size examples of the widget.

I continue to like the general look and execution of the widget but with the name change and added feature of instant chat links, Also came new pricing and while there is a free version. The free version is seriously crippled and only those with the really small blogs or really small websites would be interested into having it. But then why would they get it if they are still not getting enough visitors to justify having such a widget in the first place?.


So why i like it i cannot really recommend it anymore because of how crippled the free version is and because i find Olark pricing plans seriously overpriced considering that there are free options with the range of their lowest paid plan ($5 a Month) and because they also not offer discounted yearly pricing options. I think that from what i seen around, half of what they are charging would be a good price and also it would serve them well if their free version was not as crippled.

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Metaplace Widget: Blog Embeddable Virtual Word

July 12th, 2009


Metaplace is a MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) which closest references would be Runescape, Second Life and The Sims. it would say it is like a mixture of those based on the dynamics of it. i am not even comfortable saying it is a MMORPG but for the sake of reference just go with my description above.


Having said that i find it suitable for kids, tweens and maybe some a small slice of teenagers would find it attractive. but you never know. proof of that can be seen in The Sims that was targeted for those sectors originally but expanded well beyond them to the surprise of its publisher.


Talking directly about the widget, things change because it becomes a nice 3d chat widget when used from that perspective. mostly a novelty but a good option to check out.

Don Reisinger over at CNET got a nice and quick overview about it in overall

Metaplace virtual worlds now blog-embeddable


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