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Merry Christmas from WidgetsLab

December 24th, 2009

NORAD Tracks Santa

December 24th, 2009

NORAD tracks Santa 2009. Follow Santa’s progress across the globe this Christmas.

Santa’s progress through India

Now he is passing The Great Wall of China

Go to to see all the Santa tracking footage.

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NORAD Tracks Santa 2009

Pyzam Christmas tree and gifts widget

December 12th, 2007

Pyzam has created a wildly popular Christmas widget

This widget is obviously Myspace friendly and very popular. So far, there have been over 850,000 of these widgets created.


It’s a cool flash widget that allows you to display a Christmas tree and various gifts. There is a calendar style countdown to the big day. The calendar can be seen in the background and upon mouseover it comes forward for easy viewing. You will notice the days have been crossed out with a big red X.

The really cool feature of this widget allows you to give people gifts. You have the option to pick a gift that has already been created (watch out here…the creators of porn have been busy) Or you can feel free to create your own gift to give someone.
Gifts basically consist of an image that you upload and a description that you compose for the image.

Good gift ideas can be album covers with band descriptions or even the nearly unattainable Nintendo Wii. Whatever you decide, the most important part to remember is to have fun!

You will need to register with Pyzam in order to enjoy all the features of this widget. The registration will also require your email so you can get notified when you receive new gifts.


Pyzam/Christmas widget

SpringWidgets are the best

November 30th, 2007

They have some of the coolest widgets

Springwidgets offer great custom options. You can generally choose the height and width of any widget they offer and most have a unique custom option such as scrolling text, blinking lights or some type of animation.

Everything they put out is Myspace friendly. They will also work on Xanga, iGoogle, hi5, Blogger and pretty much anywhere you can edit your layout or HTML.
All SpringWidgets are original and can be used for free.

The SpringWidgets developer pack is one of the most powerful widget creation tools out there. Complete with tutorials and sample widgets as well as forums to ask for help if you do get stuck. They even have an API to help put the finishing touches on your widget project.

I have not posted about SpringWidgets in a long time and for this, I am sorry.

So Lets have a look at whats new over at SpringWidgets:

The Superbowl Countdown widget with custom scrolling text


The Mini Christmas Tree widget with custom ornament colors


The Holiday Wishlist widget from Palm lets you display your Christmas list


You will need to create your list here and then input the code that you get, into your widget

post it Christmas countdown widget


This is actually a countdown for anything you want. It’s very customizable.

Make sure to go to and browse through their gallery of widgets for some fun and useful widgets.

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