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California Budget Problem Widget From The Governator

February 2nd, 2009


Properly called “Legislature’s Failure to Act” widget comes from Arnold Schwarzenegger also known as “The Governator” and tells you how bad is California Budget Problem and calls for Awareness on the issue.

The widget badge is a good form factor and gives a lot more of  a impact than a Active Badge and it also allows for the badge to better tracked and to spread faster. that is a good reason to use a widget and good way to use one too.

The Widget comes from Clearspring and it counts with a really compact adaptation of Lunchpad that is their High Spread Sharing Module. if you are in California is a interesting enough widget to look into. just click the “Get & Share” link in the widget to grab the widget. Gas Pricing Widget To Look For Cheap Gas

November 24th, 2008


I have seen that the Price of Gas is now lower in the U.S.A. that is because right now they are using national reserves and because it is being a little subsided even if not fully on the record. i know because this made foreign Oil to tank since U.S.A is not consuming like before. this is not to last and Gad Prices could go up any time in the future. but even if they don`t. gas price cuts are not happening everywhere.

So what better than a Cheap Gas Price Widget to find the best Gas Prices?.

This Widget from automotive is of a very standard fare but counts with Clearspring Launchpad for High Spread Sharing. that means you can get it everywhere you want it (blog, social network, desktop). so save some dlls and give it a look using the “Grab it” button on the widget. the only thing is that it does includes a very jumpy Widget Ad. but aside from that it is a good widget.

via Stickiwidgets

Clearspring Launches Next Generation Sharing Service

October 29th, 2008

New Launchpad Sharing Menu released on anniversary of original release

First, lets get this bit out of the way.
comScore Ranks Clearspring as the Number One Widget Network Worldwide

According to comScore, Clearspring logged 254 million unique visitors worldwide in September, easily outdistancing its nearest competitor by 93 million visitors. In addition to ranking Clearspring as the global leader in the widget market, comScore revealed that the company also extended its lead by 34 million in the U.S. market in September, growing 43 percent and reaching over 101 million unique visitors in the United States.

entire story here

Clearspring has announced the release of their next generation Launchpad widget menu. They have made the menu much more user friendly. Launchpad will re-arrange icons based upon which ones you use most frequently. No more scrolling to the bottom to find your favorite.

Don’t be alarmed if you see a colorful Launchpad window. Custom colors have become available to developers. Now developers can choose to customize the interface to more closely resemble their color scheme.

Check out this cool NFL widget that utilizes the new Launchpad.

Grooveshark Widgets

October 20th, 2008


Grooveshark is a Music search engine + Music Online Service. just like seeqpod and many others. they are good and they know it. that is why they have now adventured into the world of Widgets powered by them. Grooveshark Widgets is the Widget Editor page where you can quickly create your Music Playlist Player Widget in no time and without having to upload your own songs. but with the option to do so if you want to.


The first thing you note is how well designed the Grooveshark Widget Editor is and how everything feels very polished.your first step is choosing from the available Widget Skins/Themes. right now there are only two. one looks ok and the other truly sucks. i am amazed that they went with such a horrid design to highlight this new service. it is truly one of the worst designs i have seen this year.


Since there is not much of a choice you will end up with the Chamelon Skin i just called horrible and will try to customize it to be less ugly. it is almost certain that you will fail and the widget will still be ugly. but at least is free right?


Once you have your design setup. you will pass to step two and choose your music to be played in the widget. this is fast and easy and the grooveshark database is good and found many non commercial bands i threw at it. one click and your widget is updated on a live preview window without a hitch. once the service gets more skins. it will be a really really good Music Widget service.


Now that you have picked your songs, you can press finish and your widget code will be generated. and you will also be offered options as to how you want to embed your widget into your page, your social netowrk profile or blog sidebar. this thanks to one of the new Clearspring Lauchpad modules (High Spread Sharing) that assure you to be able to take your widget to the top 30 online destinations with ease.


And this is how your widget using the Chameleon skin will look once in your blog under the standard measurements and settings. the Grooveshark Widgets service is really good but as i said. they need better Widget Skins ASAP. other than that it should be a great option for anyone to use. i would compare the service to a mix of Mixwit with Deezer. those are good Widget services to be compared with so give Grooveshark a try.

Grooveshark Widgets

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